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New puppy!

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Celestria Tue 21-Oct-14 16:05:46

I got my Staffie x Boxer a few days early! He is twelve weeks and I am made up with him.

He already knows how to sit and i have been taking him out in the garden when he wakes or after eating, he has gone each time and got a little cheese square treat for doing it.

He seems to have a really gentle temperament too.

My children are being great, they know not to encourage him to play using their hands and feet, to use his toys instead. They also know to stop giving him attention if he is getting a bit over excited. So far I haven't seen any attempts to mouth anyone.

The cats hate him. Hope they come around!

All in all really delighted with him. smile

IamFitzChivalry Mon 27-Oct-14 05:24:18

Wonderful news!!you have to put a picture up!we're picking up our new boxer puppy on Thursday....can't waitgrin

MostAmused Tue 28-Oct-14 09:23:51

We're picking up our GSDxSpaniel (Yes it's an odd cross, but it was accidental and they're from a loving family farm and the mother of the pups is wonderfully friendly)
He'll be 8 weeks and I'm so excited!
Fancy starting a new puppy support group here? I've read a bit of the puppy mummies threads but they went a bit dead in April.

Would be good to know others in the same position as us!

IamFitzChivalry Tue 28-Oct-14 09:33:49

Great idea!!so excitedgrin

Whywouldyououtme Tue 28-Oct-14 20:22:41

Supposed to be picking up our new puppy on sat. We have a 6 year old lab and getting a small dog x breed (taking him from some friends) . Really worried our lab will feel left out as the kids will love having a small dog to play with.

MostAmused Tue 28-Oct-14 20:28:10

Whywouldyou I read that when introducing a dog to a house with another dog you should give the first dog extra attention to stop them feeling left out. Perhaps get a new toy for your lab?

Looks like our crate is getting delivered tomorrow. Bit concerned it'll be too big for him as a puppy so we might have to block off a section so he doesn't use the extra space as a toilet!

Lasttimebaby Tue 28-Oct-14 22:37:05

Thank you most amused . Good luck

NetHuns Thu 30-Oct-14 07:10:05

Well Dpup arrived yesterday...he's great!grin...only problem is we've just found out there's no puppy classes in our areashock..the joys of semi-rural livinghmm

MostAmused Thu 30-Oct-14 09:19:35

Found it a nightmare to find classes here too! only a few and most are fully booked, found one on Sundays that we might try but doesn't really fit with my current work so dp would have to take him and I'd miss out sad. We're in Fife, whereabouts are you?

NetHuns Thu 30-Oct-14 11:36:13

We're in North Wales...I'll ask the vet when Dpup goes for his jabs..really hope there's some classes close byconfused

tammytwigg Thu 30-Oct-14 11:47:22

Good luck everyone I'm 2 months in ,lhaso apso 6 mths he's adorable and has really brought our family together, even ds15 spending loads of time downstairs off the play station dd10 thinks she's got a living teddy.first week was hard wondered what the hell I had done even though I'd had loads of dogs pre kids ,but suddenly he got everything toile ting sleeping without crying and a joy to have around ,the welcome we get when we come home from any where is priceless .

MostAmused Thu 30-Oct-14 18:53:08

Aw that sounds great Tammy, I saw lots of Lhaso Apsos for sale, they're adorable!

Huns We've booked our pup into a vets that do puppy parties after 2nd jabs. Apparently it helps the puppies build a positive association with the vets and is also great for socialising them smile. Maybe your vet does them too!

JoffreyBaratheon Tue 04-Nov-14 23:09:25

We got our pup on Saturday. She's a 9 week old 'staffy cross' from a rescue - but we suspect a full staffy (mum got out, allegedly, and got up the duff by a randomer - but we think they were just backstreet breeders who couldn't get shot of a large litter). She's a handful but she's my 3rd staffy pup, so we know things get... easier.

We're trying to get her to sleep on her own downstairs for the first time tonight. She was in her crate in our room and whenever she woke in the night, was crying - but I discovered if I reassured her and lifted her back in (crate left open), she'd calm down in seconds. Still, three nights being woken 3-5 times in the night... Tonight she goes downstairs!

She came to us not even trained to wee/poo on newspaper (our last staffy came to us at 8 weeks and already knew to use newspaper as his toilet, so housetraining was a simple matter of shifting the newspapers closer to the back door, then outside....) She doesn't like pooing when being watched either so we suspect she was shouted at in the 'breeder''s house when she had an accident... But in other ways she is amazing; sweet-natured, people-centred; adores the kids; is great in the car; wants to kiss the cats.

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