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New puppy - what do I need?

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TheHoundsBitch Wed 03-Sep-14 10:59:05

We are currently registered with some rescue centres waiting for a puppy to become available <excited> I want to get ahead a bit and get some of the stuff we will need sooner rather than later, so what sort of things do I need? I've had dogs before but never a puppy.
I'm thinking bed (do I buy a puppy sized bed and then a bigger one later, or a big one and stuff loads of blankets in to make it cosy?), bowls, collar?halti?harness? and lead (we don't know what sort of dog/ how big it will be yet so maybe wait until we know?), toys erm, what else?!?!
Crate training was recommended by one of the rescues so I think a crate too.
We've found a vet and training classes.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks

CMOTDibbler Wed 03-Sep-14 11:02:34

Bowls, some puppy toys, a lead (I don't like extending ones personally). Puppy pads (many), a large roll of absorbent tissue, big bottle of pet accident clean up spray. Pair of crocs for shoving your feet in as you rush puppy outside to wee. Warm dressing gown for standing around waiting for puppy to wee. Nappy bags for poo disposal

Much, much patience as the puppy stage is somewhat trying.

Leave crate till you know what size pup will be, similarly harness.

Inkblinkandmustard Wed 03-Sep-14 11:14:23

having just got our puppy, loads and loads of kitchen towel!

TheHoundsBitch Wed 03-Sep-14 11:25:50

<adds bumper pack of Plenty to Ocado order> grin
Where is good to buy puppy supplies? Any bargainous online retailers?

Tipsykisses Wed 03-Sep-14 11:45:31

ooh how exciting !

I would recommend a plastic bed with old blankets or towels at first as all of mine peed in their beds at first then they ripped them up !!

Home bargains is dirt cheap for puppy pads , foam cushion mats & some toys etc .

I used kitchen roll to mop up accidents then wipe over with a disinfectant wipe then pour white vinegar on to neutralise the odour then kitchen roll again .
White vinegar does the same as those expensive dog odour products !

Looking forward to pics smile

Tipsykisses Wed 03-Sep-14 11:46:33

The massive packs of kitchen rolls are on offer on ocado , I've just stocked up smile

TheFantasticMrsFox Wed 03-Sep-14 15:06:53

Kitchen rolls
Sense of humour

pantsjustpants Wed 03-Sep-14 15:13:03

How exciting!!!

We picked our little girl up on Sunday. We bought a bed (I'd suggest one with side, not a flat one that dh bought), couple of bowls, toys, puppy pads although our girlie appears to have an iron bladder and they're unused, food, brush and a lightweight collar and lead. Kitchen roll is fab, I've gone through loads! I've dug out a couple of old towels as I want her to get used to her feet being dried/handled ASAP and I've just borrowed a stairgate. We decided against crating.

Get lots of sleep now...... The first night she cried for 30-45 mins, the second for 2 hours!! Last night was 30 mins but she was yelping to go out at 4am, and that was her up for the day. It was either me stay up, or go back to bed and lie awake listening to her wake the kids up!

pantsjustpants Wed 03-Sep-14 15:15:32

As well as handy shoes and coat, I've found a torch useful. Our pup is black!!

tipp2chicago Wed 03-Sep-14 15:26:35

Your head examined...

Other than that, a tub of cheap biological washing powder. If you wash the floor with bleach, the dog will think it's another dog's pee (due to the ammonia) and pee on it again. Biological washing powder has enzymes in it which will break down the smell of the pee, and help the dog to not to think that your floor is a place to pee.

/walks off muttering about pee, dog hair, puppy training...

TheHoundsBitch Wed 03-Sep-14 16:54:43

ooh, lots of advice! Thanks smile
Does anybody know what that super duper dog brush is called that gets all the undercoat and dander out? I remember it costs about a score but can't think of the name! Also the best dog shampoo? Or are are they all much of a muchness?

Lilcamper Wed 03-Sep-14 17:13:32

Most dogs don't need a bath. Too many can mees with the oil levels in their coat and give them skin problems.

Tipsykisses Wed 03-Sep-14 17:40:05

We use a furminator & a zoom groom on our black lab pup .

I had forgotten about the torch !!
We couldn't see ours at night in the garden grin
Now we've a security light that we can switch on when we need it .

For shampoo we use either animology or 8 in 1 but I've also got a soap free oatmeal shampoo for times when they've needed baths more often than they should !
( one likes to roll in disgustingly nasty things ! )

Tipsykisses Wed 03-Sep-14 17:42:27

Do you have a bucket op ?
If pup gets covered with lots of mud it can be washed of with plain water and a cloth .

Lilcamper Wed 03-Sep-14 17:50:57

My a lab has never had a bath. Mud brushes out easily and yucky stuff just gets spot washed.

Tipsykisses Wed 03-Sep-14 17:59:09

It's not our lab he's the cleanest of the lot !
He just has his feet hosed if warm enough & warm water with a cloth & bucket if it's cold .

Our rescued welsh fox hound was a nightmare ( hence shampoo collection) he rolled in all sorts & hummed to high heaven , he had to be shampooed or he would have to be banished to the garden .

Now our little pup thinks nothing of finding horse dung and will run through the middle of the pile coating his whole self confused it's not pretty !!

Camsie30 Wed 03-Sep-14 18:01:45

I would recommend a mesh/ plastic baby gate. My dog sleeps in the kitchen and I didn't want to shut the door on him in case he barks to go out to pee in the night. It's very useful and just folds up when I don't need it.

Good luck!!

lampygirl Wed 03-Sep-14 18:12:56

Deffo a baby gate or two. We didn't do puppy pads and instead did the on the hour every hour outside. For the first couple of nights it was also out every 2 hours but this soon dropped and I'd say it was 3 days until dry indoors and asking to go out and under 2 weeks til dry overnight. Puppy pads just teach them it's OK to go inside.

I'd also second the crocs. We got cheap imitation and now she gets them as a chew toy. We used the cheap Ikea bath mats in the crate and bed. Bought a few and they go in the wash on a rota. Cheaper than a bed and you won't mind so much if they chew/crap all over it. She now has a bed as she's past the first few weeks stage.

Tipsykisses Wed 03-Sep-14 18:24:54

I think it's preference with the puppy pads, I had little ones when we had our first puppy so it was easier to pick up a puppy pad before little monsters got into the mess than it was get at the cleaning stuff that had to be kept out of reach so that's the way I've always done it & all of mine except one were house trained within a week .

The more effort you put into house training in the first few days the faster they learn .

TheHoundsBitch Wed 03-Sep-14 20:39:03

I just know my dog will be the type to roll in fox poo and dead things...
I know about the oils in their coats - dog won't be getting a daily bubble bath - promise!
Thanks for the house training advice too smile I'ts going to be like having a baby again isn't it? <wibble>

Tipsykisses Wed 03-Sep-14 21:00:07

It does feel like having a new baby at first.... They are house trained much faster though !!!

You are doing a wonderful thing rescuing , it's so rewarding !

Some of our rescues have hummed and were bathed as soon as they were comfortable in their new environment so I think it's great you are asking for tips !

Learn as much as you can about the breed as soon as you find out which breed you are getting but most of all enjoy getting to know your new family member & take lots of pics !!

Ladyofthehouse Wed 03-Sep-14 21:05:49

A cheap bed! We bought our puppy a lovely bed when she came and she destroyed it in days!! It was a beautiful cath kidston floral bed.....she now has a sturdy black number!!

willowisp Wed 03-Sep-14 21:16:13

There's a good book recommended by my local rescue centre

Gwen Bailey The Perfect Puppy

Enjoy your pup !

TheHoundsBitch Wed 03-Sep-14 21:25:38

Haha, I remember our family dog chewing up about 3 wicker dog baskets before my mum copped on and bought a plastic one!
I'll have a look at that book, thanks smile

TheHoundsBitch Wed 03-Sep-14 21:27:44

I'll pop a pic on here when s/he arrives... I'll probably be insufferable wanting to chat puppies as well!

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