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wellies, hunters or muck boots?

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ditavonteesed Wed 03-Sep-14 07:28:43

I am fed up of faling to ieces wellies so have decided to invest. I have quite wid calves and the long hunters are no good but the shorties are ok. The muck boots look like they would be much warmer. Anyone have the muckboots? are they easy to clean? do they keep your feet warmer? Do the hunters last?

CMOTDibbler Wed 03-Sep-14 07:37:36

Muckboots. Super warm, and the tops are v comfy and stop things falling down your boots. Mine are lasting really well too

WookieCookiee Wed 03-Sep-14 07:42:57

Hunters are not good. I have Aigle wellies, they were a bit pricey but worth it, had them 2 years. They have adjustable calf straps so they may work for you. DH has the neoprene lined ones and doesn't need welly socks. Mine are unlined as I wanted them for summer too, but fine and toasty with welly socks.

Floralnomad Wed 03-Sep-14 07:48:08

hunters don't last ,Aigle are much better. I found muck boots weren't flexible enough around the ankle for me . I mainly wear country boots now ,they're much lighter than wellies and very warm .

ditavonteesed Wed 03-Sep-14 07:49:01

ok so these or these I am thinking the long ones would be warmer but worry about my fat calves (I walk up a lot of hills)

Chillyevenings Wed 03-Sep-14 07:52:03

Muck boots can be good but it all depends on their fit. I'd go to your nearest big equestrian shop and try some on.

frostyfingers Wed 03-Sep-14 14:46:07

I've had a pair of Muckboots (not the same as your linked ones though) for just under 2 years and to start with they were fantastic, warm and comfy, although a little heavy. Unfortunately the sole grip has pretty much worn away and they are now as dangerous as hell to wear on anything other than dry concrete so are on their way to the bin.

crazyspaniel Wed 03-Sep-14 22:41:04

I like Hunters as they are comfortable and lightweight. But an investment they are not. Without fail every one of the five pairs I've had have ended up splitting within the month after the one year warranty expired.

Aked Thu 04-Sep-14 13:38:26

I have these Muck Boots

They have a much deeper tread than the others. Look hefty, but are surprisingly light and very comfortable. I have narrow calves, but the top is neoprane so fairly stretchy I would imagine, and I have a fair amount of room in them.

Mitzi50 Thu 04-Sep-14 13:52:50

I have fat wide calves so most boots are uncomfortable when I tuck my trousers in. However, I have found Muck Boots both warm and really comfortable so would recommend them. My last about 2 years with daily use.

windchimes8 Fri 05-Sep-14 16:04:26

I tried muck boots because of my fat calves, once on they are fine, but you have to sit down to get them on and off - not always practical when getting ready to walk fido.

AlpacaLypse Fri 05-Sep-14 16:08:32

Muck Boots!

Only downer is that I can't drive in them. But the pedals on my car are pretty close together anyway.

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