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So proud

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pigsDOfly Sun 31-Aug-14 23:48:45

Just have to share a proud moment I had today.

I live not far from a popular tourist building and gardens that is part of one of our regular walks. Part of its attraction for a lot of people is feeding the many squirrels and pigeons there, so I have trained Ddog not to chase them.

Today a woman was feeding a huge flock of pigeons and Ddog just stuck her nose in the air and walked right passed them like the best trained dog in the world. I was particularly pleased as the flock was massive and was being disturbed by a rather annoying child who was screaming and running at them.

It's moments like this that make all the hard work worth while.

Mind you she only does this in this particular garden, because this is the place where she's been trained not to chase pigeons. Anywhere else and pigeons are fair game apparently.

alwaystryingtobeafriend Mon 01-Sep-14 08:00:10

Aww thats really good.

We just got a staffie from the rescue home and we are doing our best to crate train him. so we can do the weekly shop or go out for dinner etc. i also sometimes have to work away for the day snd my partner will only br hone at lunch time. So trying hard to get him used to it. I had visions of him ramming his head through thr door and going nus. We left him for about an hour while we shopped yersterday came hone to him sitting nice for us in his cage. I was so proud of him. But he wont go back in. We have left the door open and he wanders in and out so hopefully in time he will go in and sit. Xx

Lovethesea Mon 01-Sep-14 08:51:01

Feed him in the crate for a while, blankets on three sides to make it cosy, treats, door open so he can choose to go in and rest. Really comfy bedding in there.

I've not used one, these are just tips from other threads I've browsed! Am sure someone more experienced will be along soon.

pigsDOfly Mon 01-Sep-14 12:48:40

Alwaystrying my dog was crate trained from the breeder as it was the only place her mum would give birth. Made it very easy for me as she loved having her little cave to retire to.

Do what Lovethesea says and you should be fine. Makes life less stressful when they're young knowing that they are safe in their crate while you're out, especially if you've got a chewer.

Can't remember when it happened - she's three years old now - but gradually Ddog decided she didn't need her crate any longer and just stopped using it. She wasn't a chewer and letting her have the freedom of the house once she was a bit older worked out fine.

Enjoy your new dog.

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