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Car and walking harness

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aleto Sun 31-Aug-14 15:49:42

Is there a good quality harness that doubles up as a car and walking harness? Dpup is 9 weeks old and has taken really well to his cliksafe car harness. As he will be able to go out for walks in a couple of weeks we would like to buy a harness that could be used in both situations. I was going to buy a Perfect fit harness, but now see that it can't be used in the car. I don't want to be swapping from one harness to another and we can't crate him in the car as the boot is too small.

tabulahrasa Sun 31-Aug-14 17:32:56

There are only a few that have been crash tested, the ruff rider, the bergan, the sleepy pod range or safe dog.

I think they can all be used for walking, but they are a bit bulky IMO...but then that's because they're designed to do a different job really.

soddinghormones Sun 31-Aug-14 20:11:54

We use the bergan for the car and perfect fit for walking - it's a bit of a pain but you get used to it

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