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insanityscratching Thu 28-Aug-14 11:35:27

Eric has been a PITA for the last couple of days, crying, trying to escape, generally very unsettled.He will generally sit and wait if I open the door but that has gone to pot even if I have ham in my hand. I'm wondering if he might have caught scent of a bitch in season as his nose is high and it might explain his enthusiasm for getting out on the front.
Next door have at least one bitch (not sure what the second one is) and there are a couple of yorkies over the road whose fence he tried to tunnel under last night on his late walk.
So does it sound like a randy dog and if I book him in to be castrated would it stop this?

insanityscratching Thu 28-Aug-14 11:48:13

Should perhaps add that I am certain he isn't ill as he's eating and toileting normally and he is hugely enthusiastic about his walks, in fact we had an extra one yesterday because he fetched his lead and I thought he wanted to toilet.

JadeJ123 Thu 28-Aug-14 13:50:37

It stopped mine trying to climb into the neighbours house to get there bitch in season.

ffallada Thu 28-Aug-14 14:06:14

Yes, it does sound like your dog has discovered his purpose! And getting him 'done' will help HOWEVER it can take up to six months for the hormones to subside so its not going to be a quick fix.

I would get Eric 'done' if I were you - I hated doing it to my wee beastie but it makes your dog so much less attractive to thieves who steal for breeding / fighting purposes. Once the hormones have dropped it also helps with chasing bitches in season. With such temptation next door its surely only a matter of time before something happens. Eric will only have one thing on his mind every time your neighbours come into season.

It won't stop him randomly humping things though. hmm

soddinghormones Thu 28-Aug-14 21:29:58

We had dpup done at about the same age - it actually only took a couple of weeks for his hormones to settle down. He did stop humping and marking straight away and the best thing was he no longer had a sign over his head saying 'entire male, please attack me right now!'

The only downside was he was quite unwell straight after the operation - the vet thought he'd been fighting off an infection beforehand but with his temporarily reduced immunity the bugs got the upper hand for a little while. But as soon as he recovered he was completely back to normal and so far (touch wood) the effects have been nothing but positive

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