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Lovely dog tags in the shape of your dog

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Shia Wed 27-Aug-14 12:28:09

I found this seller on ebay who makes and sells dog breed dog tags. Aren't they lovely?

She is in Slovenia but mine was sent very quickly and is beautifully made.

Lots of different breeds. Mine is a a whippet and as you can see, it's him to a T!

Would make a nice (Christmas) gift.

I made the strawberry nightingale from fabric hastily bought from Dunelm as we took our dog to Petsathome last Saturday when they has a charity photo shoot and his harness wouldn't have looked nice in the photos! It was easy to make, I just used iron facing inside and two D rings, also bought from Dunelm.

Shia Wed 27-Aug-14 12:28:31

A seller not this seller

Shia Wed 27-Aug-14 12:29:58

I forgot to say, I had my phone number engraved on the reverse of the tag which is part of the ebay transaction.

PurpleFrog Wed 27-Aug-14 12:58:47

I hope you can get more than your phone number engraved, otherwise that is not adequate for a dog ID tag in the UK!

Floralnomad Wed 27-Aug-14 13:03:25

I leave my dogs collar on all the time so the pointy edges would worry me a bit . I get my tags from Battersea ( dog came from there) and they only cost a few pounds - every little helps .

Lonecatwithkitten Wed 27-Aug-14 17:37:32

As purple said phone number is not part of the legal requirement it is recommended, but you need your name and your address (you can get away with postcode and house name or number). Our dog warden has been known to impose the fine it can be up to £5,000.

Terrierterror Wed 27-Aug-14 17:45:17

Shia Wed 27-Aug-14 18:09:51

This is a decorative tag and he will have a plain one for our address. We haven't had him microchipped because the vet said to wait until he is castrated and have it done at the same time as whippets have sensitive skin and it will hurt him to have it done without an anaesthetic.

monkeyfacegrace Wed 27-Aug-14 18:16:53

Shia, as you know I have a whippy too, and she was microchipped at 8 weeks. She didn't even flinch. I think your vet is being a bit soft, I'd get him chipped ASAP.

Better safe than sorry smile

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