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Barking dogs...

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Chippednailvarnish Thu 21-Aug-14 00:12:43

I've also posted in AIBU for traffic...
I have very noisy inconsiderate neighbours next door to me. In the last week we have had to ask them to keep the noise down as they like to party in their garden, normally starting at 1am lasting until 3am.
When we asked them to keep the noise down they got quiet stroppy and defensive.

They went to work this morning leaving their two dogs in the garden and the dogs are still in the garden and my neighbours haven't returned. The dogs have been barking on and off since it got dark. They are still barking now and no sign of the neighbours (poor bloody dogs).

Anyone got any ideas about the best thing to do? I'm not keen on calling the RSPCA as I think this will open a whole can of worms, but just leaving 2 barking dogs for 16 hours is unacceptable.

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