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Puppy - potential disease from foxes and badgers

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Palepowder Mon 18-Aug-14 23:32:30

We are picking up our gorgeous working cocker pup soon. We have a large garden and we know we have badgers and foxes who use it. Presumably I need to be very careful. Does it mean I can't let pup out to toilet? How should I toilet train him if this is the case? PS So excited about having him

hmc Mon 18-Aug-14 23:39:42

I live in the country too (and my puppies past and present have used the garden from day 1) - but even in an urban environment there is potential risk (theoretically) from things like rats urine in standing water etc.

You have to be practical - the technically very tiny risk of him contracting some disease pathogen in your garden is far outweighed by the advantages of establishing good house training practices from the start, and giving him a supervised outdoor space for him to play in and explore. You can never completely eliminate risk and in this situation it would be wrong to try

Palepowder Mon 18-Aug-14 23:48:18

Thank you. We're very excited but want to make sure we do the right thing. We live in a town but are lucky to have a large garden. Never seen a rat but have a family of foxes and regular visits from badgers (trying to puppy proof garden is difficult as badgers just bulldoze through everything)

NCISaddict Tue 19-Aug-14 06:41:49

We had an urban garden which was used as a foxes playground when we got our pup last year. I took him in the garden regularly for house training, the vet said that the risk is minimal especially when weighed up against the benefits.
I did keep him on a lead out there as the fencing was none too secure and I think that actually helped with training as he was near enough to praise easily when he 'performed' and it avoided the temptation to leave him out there when it was dark.
I bought a pair of cloggies from B&Q so that I could get out quickly without stopping to put shoes on.

Florin Tue 19-Aug-14 06:45:59

We picked up our working cocker spaniel

Florin Tue 19-Aug-14 07:07:54

Oops... on Sunday and currently in the town with badgers and foxes in the garden (hoping to move go the country soon). As others have said if is limiting risk. I just take her out on a lead in the main grass area which also helps her concentrate her mind on going to the loo. I don't allow play in the garden at the moment so it is just a place to go to the loo. I think all you can do is minamise the risks but in the end potty training is so important you need to make sure that is done too. We are on day 3 here. What colour is your working cocker spaniel?

Palepowder Tue 19-Aug-14 10:32:28

Hi Florin. Ours is black. The kids chose him from the litter. We pick him up at the end of August. Am looking forward to it, but am in no way under estimating the amount of work it will be. grin I saw your picture of your little girl, she looks gorgeous. If you have any hints or tips or things you've learnt over the first few days please send them my way!

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