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Dogs and baby in the car, safe travelling advice please

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rinkydinker Sun 17-Aug-14 12:19:29

I have a small car, with three dogs and a baby. This has presented a challenge!

I have tried various configurations. I have had a steel mesh grill (out of a horsebox - v strong) in between front and back, with baby in front with me and dogs in back seat and boot. I have dog seat belts. If dh is there one of us squeezes the dogs up and sit behind the grill in the back.

I have had baby in the back, one dog in boot, two on front seat or one on frontseat and one in backseat. With the grill removed so I can access the baby but this is unsafe.

The trouble is; it is safer for baby to go on the backseat but for some odd reason dog seatbelts do not work on front seatbelts, I have tried several cars and my dog seatbelts will not go in any frontseat buckles. Which is very odd! I don't like the idea of loose dogs in the event of a crash. Can anyone recommend some that do?

One of the dogs is an old lady and she probably is on her last legs so really being sadly realistic in future I will have two. They are collie x and one is the size of a collie the other two are a little larger.

What do others do? I imagine most people have all the dogs in a large boot safely crated up! I am not sure how that works with larger dogs!

I guess if I had enough money I would get estate car but these are expensive and expensive to run....

JadeJ123 Sun 17-Aug-14 14:33:32

I've got 2 12 stone mastiffs and a 8 stone American bulldog so very large muscly dogs, and a DSD who's live with us 90% of the time. I've got a small ish car not overly small but not overly big, and usually DSD sits in the back and two go in the boot and one on the back seats.

TeaPleaseBob Mon 18-Aug-14 20:50:47

Baby is perfectly safe in front seat if rear facing and airbag is off. This is a much better idea than in the back with a dog in my opinion.

Can you not have 2 dogs in the boot? I've had 2 collies in boot of a corsa and they were fine, not huge dogs I realise.

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