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Looks like our hound has a salivary cyst

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MuttonCadet Sun 17-Aug-14 11:47:03

Poor hound has a swelling under his neck which appeared a couple of days ago. It's not causing discomfort and he's eating and drinking fine, but it's growing quickly.

Sod's law dictates that his insurance ran out last month and we renewed too late, but before we noticed the swelling (insurance kicks in in another 7 days, but I don't want to leave him that long).

We will be taking him to the vet in the morning, but the likely outcome will be an operation to remove his salivary gland (at least that's what Google suggests), does anyone know how much that might cost.

All of our other animals are covered by insurance, this was a genuine mistake, and not one we are likely to make again. I'm not willing to wait another 7 days before I seek advice, but I do need to prepare myself (and my finances), for how much it might cost.

Thanks in advance thanks

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