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Our 2 year old springer is poorly :-(

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Ziggyzoom Sat 16-Aug-14 19:16:37

He has been out of sorts for the last few days - more lethargic than usual, behavioural changes like pooing on the lawn. Slightly runnier poo than usual (sorry if TMI). He also has one gunky eye.

I don't know if it could be connected but I pulled a tick out of his coat about a week ago. I checked that all of the mouthparts were present and I'm not even sure it was attached. I was busy pulling grass seeds and sticky buds out of his ears and looked at one and realised it was a tick. There is no obvious inflamed area from a bite.

He seems worse this afternoon. My husband took him on his walk and says he was his usual lively self, but since coming home he just wants to cuddle on the sofa and when he moves he is very slow and steady, but no sign of lameness. He has eaten some food but has left a couple of his chicken wings - unheard of!

We have phoned the vet and he has said it might be a virus and just to monitor him until Monday, bring him in then if he is no better and bring him earlier if he gets any worse.

I thought I'd consult Mumsnet to see if anyone has any idea what is wrong and to see if there is anything we can do to help him feel more comfortable.

Ziggyzoom Sun 17-Aug-14 07:41:09

Back home from a nightshirt and bumping for the early morning dog walkers!

Ziggyzoom Sun 17-Aug-14 07:41:48

Night SHIFT!

daisydotandgertie Sun 17-Aug-14 08:46:17

There's not really enough to go on, tbh. He is obviously not really ill, but out of sorts. Often that's either a bug as the vet said, or because they've eaten something horrible made themselves feel poorly or have a small injury - eg a broken claw which is getting a bit infected.

As he has no real symptoms to speak of, I wouldn't pander to it, tbh. Let him take it easy, but don't treat him massively differently to usual. Feed half size portions, and see how he goes. Do check him all over for pain points though - paws, claws, tail, ears etc.

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