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Staffie puppy- talk to me please!

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TheFantasticMrsFox Mon 11-Aug-14 07:57:42

To cut a long story short we may be getting her <wibble> She's 15 weeks old, had to be removed from the home as she "bit" the baby and SS gave the couple the ultimatum of the baby or the dog. We met her yesterday and, as far as I could see, she's just puppy bitey rather than nasty bitey IYSWIM? She is currently with a foster family in the village.
So what could go wrong?! We are experienced owners (had rotties in the past so not hugely different in terms of character) currently have two working cocker boys and a beast of a cat grin Also 10yo DS who is supremely indifferent to the dogs and is experienced enough to tell a puppy "no" and not run about shrieking and flapping his hands in the air.
Pup is apparently vaccinated, not speyed (obviously, this would be done ASAP as the boys are still entire) We are waiting to hear today if somebody else is interested (foster carer didn't seem hopeful) and if not we have asked for a 48 hour trial in order to make a fair and unbiased decision.
Can't work out whether to be nervous or excited yet smile

lougle Mon 11-Aug-14 08:51:34

You know that Staffies are known for not liking other dogs? Mine was fine with our other (12 year old) dog until he was 9 months old, then had to be separated from him because he is aggressive towards him whenever he is near him.

JadeJ123 Mon 11-Aug-14 10:04:41

Dh had a staffie before we got together and it loved dogs but was dominate and he chose to rehome it as my mastiff was vvvvv dominate and it would of been a blood bath. If you socialise it young and do puppy training class it should be fine

ClaimedByMe Mon 11-Aug-14 10:04:55

Aww a staffy puppy, you must post a pic when/if you get her! You sound experienced enough and the dog sounds young enough that it should work!

Hopefully she ends up in your home and not in the hands of more idiots inexperienced owners

guineapig1 Mon 11-Aug-14 10:13:13

To the previous poster who was concerned about staffies not getting on with other dogs, were both your boys neutered? Reason I ask is that growing up we had a staffie alongside two other dogs ( not spaniels but other working breeds op) and they were all spayed. Never had any problems at all and great with kids. Good luck if you decide to take her!

Aked Mon 11-Aug-14 11:17:50

I would say a lot depends on how well she has been socialised, seeing as she is already nearly at the magic 16 week mark.

Let us know how you get onsmile

SpicyBear Mon 11-Aug-14 12:31:01

From the OP I've understood that the pup is a bitch and existing cockers are dogs, so I wouldn't be particularly concerned about fighting. It tends to be more of an issue with same set pairings.

Some Staffordshires can have issues with strange dogs but live very happily in a group. My staffie is very good with other dogs generally.

As has been said, a lot will depend on the pup's training and socialisation to date but as experienced owners you could have a lovely pet.

TheFantasticMrsFox Mon 11-Aug-14 13:14:25

I've just met her again and she seems amazingly calm after working cocker pups All we really know is that, as I said up thread, she had to go because she nipped the child and SS were involved. She was bought in payment for drugs so you can infer how much socialisation she has had from that. Having said that she is living with other dogs at the foster carers house, seems unconcerned by passing tractors, horses etc and as I said seems very laid back.
When DH gets home later we are going to see her and go for a walk with her and the boys- we'll see where we go from there smile

Scuttlebutter Mon 11-Aug-14 13:15:53

I've met Staffies at obedience and Rally classes (at much higher levels than me) who have been exemplars of good behaviour.

I've also met labs who are complete hooligans. Think it depends very much on socialising and training. If you can get that right, you will have the most awesome companion (with the most super grin) for the next 15 years.

Wailywailywaily Mon 11-Aug-14 14:02:13

In my experience its not that staffies don't get on with other dogs its other dogs don't like staffies. I had a staffie bitch and she loved everyone and every thing - even the house rabbit - but I had to be careful when out because she repeatedly got attacked by other dogs. Unfortunately, being a staff, she always finished it and then go the blame from owners hmm. We also had a boxer dog and the two slept on top of each other.

As a puppy she should be fine with your spaniels

lougle Mon 11-Aug-14 16:35:37

Of course I'm only using my own experience to comment. Patch is my love, my shining star. His grin melts even the worst mood, but he is scared of all other dogs except one. That one is the one he will attack if he's in striking distance.

Otherwise, he's the perfect dog (if you don't mind stinky bowels).

ClaimedByMe Mon 11-Aug-14 16:36:45

Ahhh yes staffie farts...nothing really compares!

MorphineDreams Mon 11-Aug-14 16:38:28

I can't give much advice but just wanted to say how brilliant it is that you're offering this pup a new home. There's sooo many staffies in dog shelters - such a shame.

MorphineDreams Mon 11-Aug-14 16:39:00

My dogs farts smell of pumpkin. They've never ate pumpkin.

TheFantasticMrsFox Mon 11-Aug-14 19:23:28

Well it went ok earlier, just a small walk with the boys alternating DDog1 off the lead and puppy being carried with both on leads at a respectful distance. DDog2 off the lead all the way and not much more than passingly interested.
Will be doing the same tomorrow before introducing her to the house where DDog1 may not be quite so indifferent. Also have the cat to deal with so we are by no means home and dry yet but the signs are hopeful at the moment smile

triballeader Tue 12-Aug-14 11:27:19

Try this site. It has lots of helpful info on training and socialising both pedigree and rescued staffies and staffy crosses. There is also a forum where you can go and ask specific questions of very experienced owners and owners who foster or care for rescued dogs who need more care and support so they become the best dogs they can bed,

One point tough, whilst bull terriers go through the normal puppy socialiasation phase they hit a second phase as teenagers that helps everything gell. She is young enough for you to fully socialise her.
The Kennel Club offer 'good citizenship' puppy and pre-bronze classes that are worth looking at. A staffy who gets two walks and some obeidence/game brain work and a good game of fetch each day tends to be a good staffy as their energy [they have a lot of that] is pointed in a constructive direction.

muddymary Tue 12-Aug-14 13:16:13

Hi we have a staffy puppy, also a bitch, and I wish she didn't like other dogs! I can't go past another dog without her wanting to go and play with them and sticking her bum in their face She just loves playing with other dogs and at the moment can't tell when they do not want to play with her. Obviously, this is making certain parts of training her quite difficult as she will cheerfully ignore me and run the length of the field on the off chance that another dog will play with her.

Interestingly, when we first got her, I read online that staffies do not get on well with other dogs and obviously I wanted to take steps to address it so I emailed our local weekly puppy party to enquire about joining. I received quite a snotty, and very long, reply outlining the many reasons why a staffy cannot attend the puppy party the main reasons being that 'everybody knows staffords are aggressive towards other dogs' and 'it certainly wouldn't be fair on the other puppies there'! Since then, I've just went about socialising her myself, taking her to visit friends with dogs etc and she's never shown any signs of aggression towards any of them.

ClaimedByMe Tue 12-Aug-14 20:41:58

How did it go today?

TheFantasticMrsFox Wed 13-Aug-14 07:15:43

Hi claimed.
Tentatively very well (if you disregard the bleeding nose from an over interest in the cat blush)
We are having another go tonight and if all goes well will pick her up for 48 hour trial on Friday morning (I have to be in London on Thursday so the boys will, most unusually, be alone for 6 hours. Ok for them once in a while but hardly fair on a young puppy)
DH who is "not a Staffie person at all" is, aside from insisting there are no leather harnesses or pink studded collars, smitten with her smile
Off now to think of a new name smile

ClaimedByMe Wed 13-Aug-14 16:51:02

Aww hopefully she and the cat will come to some sort of less violent understanding today!

Does she has a chavvy interesting name?

Haha at your dp being 'not a staffie person at all' neither was I....shes now my 30kg baby smile

TheFantasticMrsFox Wed 13-Aug-14 20:18:02

Ha, the cat has bullied her ceaselessly and actually lay in wait to attack her <git> He's entirely fearless but if things don't settle down over the weekend I think we will have to say no as at some point she will (quite justifiably) fight back and I fear it will not be pretty sad
ATM she is called a not overly chavvy name but one on which we are both not keen but which is much loved as a name for DD's on MN. Thankfully she doesn't respond to it grin

TheFantasticMrsFox Sat 16-Aug-14 07:35:33

Quick update-
<sigh> DS (the one mentioned up thread as being supremely indifferent to dogs) is currently sat on the sofa, blanket carefully arranged to protect the fabric <well trained> with a small Staffie puppy asleep next to him. They are besotted with one another and she follows him like a shadow. He begged us to keep her and as she literally didn't put a foot wrong all day --won't mention the 4am wake up call

TheFantasticMrsFox Sat 16-Aug-14 07:37:49

I was going to say we have decided to keep her, she even has a new name smile

ceres Sat 16-Aug-14 07:43:53

that's great news!

soddinghormones Sat 16-Aug-14 07:57:04


Has the cat come round?

And photos??

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