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Wound after stitch removal

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lougle Wed 06-Aug-14 21:19:33

Patch had surgery a couple of weeks ago and had his stitches removed yesterday. He has a couple of raised, tender red patches and I just wondered if it's simply the fact that the stitches were a bit tight, or whether it's the start of infection? I've put a couple of photos on.

lougle Thu 07-Aug-14 08:39:52


tabulahrasa Thu 07-Aug-14 09:07:42

Is it still red? Are the red bits the same temperature as the rest of him?

I'm assuming the vet was happy with it?

Mine has a similar wound that's a bit older so it's healed now - it does have a couple of lumpy bits that the vet said were scar tissue, they weren't red though, but then he had dissolvable stitches.

Sorry that's not much help is it? I just felt compelled to answer because mine has a similar scar, lol.

Lonecatwithkitten Thu 07-Aug-14 11:02:17

The really red bits seem to be where the stitich holes were and then you have a raised bit underneath the actual wound.
It would concern me the raised bit could vry likely be a knot in the internal stitiches particularly as you have one at either end. Currently the wound looks dry .
Keep an eye on it if you get any discharge see your vet.

lougle Thu 07-Aug-14 13:20:55

Thanks. The red bit doesn't seem to be much hotter than the surrounds, but then it's hard to tell because I can't get a good feel. He jumps when I touch it, then wags his tail fast, so I think it's very tender there. The rest of the wound is nicely joined, pale and flat.

I have to go to the vets with my Dad later anyway, so I think I'll take a picture and show it to the vet. That way they'll be able to say if it looks on our if they need to see him.

WhatsTheEffingPoint Thu 07-Aug-14 15:16:35

Any marks on a light/white patch of skin look ten times worse then they are. My boy had a lump removed from his white chest and my god it looked horrible, really red and lumpy. His stitches were in probably longer then i would have like due to Christmas, so thi skin was pulling tight, when they were removed his skin was the same as your pics. My OH wanted me to take him back to the vets because of the lumps and redness. The redness went after a week or so and the lumps a couple of weeks after that (so i assumed the internal stitches had dissolved). So give it some time.

lougle Thu 07-Aug-14 17:14:33

I've shown the vet the picture today and she would like to take his temperature tomorrow afternoon.

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