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Sollers Mon 04-Aug-14 21:12:26

I have two dogs.

One I rescued from a shelter and he thinks I am the best thing ever and doesn't leave my side.

Our other dog we bought from a breeder; she's a little horror and destroys everything she can.

I really like both our dogs, but I love our second dog in a way I don't love the first.

First dog gets to do things with me that second dog never would and vice versa, ie, first dog is my sports companion; he comes running and cycling with me because he's good at and needs that. Second dog comes to social events because we can't leave her at home because she would destroy everything.

Am I wrong to treat my dogs differently and to do different things with them, and if I am, how can I make it right?

I am new to dog ownership, so if I am making big mistakes please do correct me.

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