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please help me, my newly rescued dog has never been lead trained

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sugaryonthesurface Mon 04-Aug-14 10:16:12

I thank anyone for their replies already as I am struggling here with this.
So cut a long story short, I have taken a dog on from someone who had no time for them, the dog spent much of it's life shut away and I have now discovered that has never been walked other than in a field so basically has had no real socialisation with other dogs, people walking past and has not been near roads or in busy places. The dog is three now and I have had her nearly a week, she is absolutely lovely in the home, in the car, around people visiting and near my toddler. I couldn't ask for a sweeter animal. HOWEVER... when I get her on her lead to go out she has no idea how to behave. It is not at all that she is being naughty she just genuinely does not know that she is being a pain due to no fault of her own. So a basic walk is me being dragged everywhere developing blisters on my hand and my legs are hurting from the strength of her pulling me. Shes only a small dog but oh my is she strong!
If she sees another dog she goes turbo, I have tried to let her approach the dog but she is so hyped up the other dog gets scared but I think she is just too overexcited, she barks and barks and pulls and jumps and it is embarrassing because I can't get control.
I don't know if she will improve as we go on and I really need to act now because as her new owner I want her to know this is not how we behave. So far I've tried stopping every time she pulls but I don't think that's working. Im scared she hurting her neck and shes definitely hurting me. I want to be able to take her out and give her the life she hasn't had for three years but I need some help to know how I can change this. Shes so worth the effort but I just don't know what to do. I don't believe in using choke collars etc. that's really not an option for me so has anyone else had this problem? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can someone advise me what I can do?

BellaVita Mon 04-Aug-14 10:39:03

I have found this Dogs Trust training video which might be useful!

sugaryonthesurface Mon 04-Aug-14 10:50:08

Thank you I will have a watch of that later when I can concentrate fully. Thanks for replying

Scuttlebutter Mon 04-Aug-14 14:33:35

Look up your nearest APDT trainer - they will have classes, which will train in loose lead walking. That's a relatively easy thing to train with practice and consistency.

The more important question is the socialisation - or lack of it. I think you should seriously consider getting a behavioural assessment from an APBC qualified behaviourist, who can advise more thoroughly on helping your dog socialise, both with people and animals, especially as you have a toddler in the house.

I would never recommend taking on an unassessed animal in these circumstances unless you are a very experienced owner, without rescue backup. Typically, a rescue would spend at least a couple of weeks gently assessing a new dog, and would very carefully match the dog to a new adopter. It would be highly unlikely for a dog so poorly socialised to be homed with a young toddler.

Unless you are willing to work with a qualified professional, it may actually be better for the dog, and safer for your child for the dog to be rehomed via a local rescue.

I am sorry if this sounds negative - I understand completely the impulse to get a dog out of a horrible situation. But a poorly socialised dog is not a good mix for an inexperienced owner, especially where there are very small children.

SpicyPear Mon 04-Aug-14 15:40:15

I second scuttle's post. As an interim measures either would get a harness so she does not cause herself a neck injury.

sugaryonthesurface Mon 04-Aug-14 18:39:55

Hi Scuttle thanks for your response, thankfully I know the dogs background and she has lived with three young children previously and has no aggression indicators , this said I would never leave a child with any dog and I do keep a watchful eye. In my home I have had people around and she has been so loving and friendly I couldn't ask for a friendlier happy dog. It's not so much that she is aggressive outside it is more that she gets so overexcited when she sees a dog and barks and pulls so hard. She jumps up to knee height to smell people walking past which I know isn't great. I would say I am experienced but I have not trained an older terrier before only from puppy stage and my last dog was a sheep dog and very intelligent so as you can guess it's not nearly in the same ball park! I know this would be easier going from puppy stage which is frustrating but as I say it isn't her fault and the way she is inside so makes up for the three times a day struggle!I understand you are being concerned not negative and that concern is appreciated.

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