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Ruined lawn !!

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Tipsykisses Sun 03-Aug-14 12:40:04

Hi , I am wondering if anyone has any tips that will help with restoring my lawn ...
We have a 10m old black lab & a 6m old french bulldog who are absolute lunatics !! My lawn is now full of bare patches , some are quite large others just little bits but I'd say it's not bad enough (yet!) to need fully re turfing .
Is it safe to put grass seed out with the pups around ?
Any brand of seed better than others ?
If so have any of you covered with clear sheeting to protect it ? I read online that some one did this but I've not heard of that way of doing it before .
Thanks in advance smilexx

weaselwords Mon 04-Aug-14 09:03:04

My lawn is shocking, so I watch with interest. We are considering apportioning off part and astroturfing.

I've noticed that my neighbour who breeds and shows bichon's and has 13 at the moment, has gravelled his entire back garden.

EasyToEatTiger Mon 04-Aug-14 12:15:03

Some grasses are tougher than others. it's been a while since I studied these things. Dogs wreck gardens! Some things are less destructible than others. Saying that, our dogs have managed to destroy a buddlea. Quite impressive really. If you are after a neat tidy garden with 2 dogs it probably won't work. So, it is a matter of managing compromises.

ender Mon 04-Aug-14 13:06:03

If you let your dogs have free access to the garden you'll end up with no lawn <voice of bitter experience>.
We had the garden, lawn etc redone a year ago and dogs are always supervised now. If they were left alone they'd eat plants and dig things up. One will only pee on walks, the other sometimes pees on the lawn but only in a designated area and we keep watering can full ready to pour over and stop dead patches. Lawn is lovely now, I think the nitrogen in dilute pee is a fertiliser because the grass grows greener and better in the pee area.

Tipsykisses Tue 05-Aug-14 20:23:13

It's rained a lot today so it's had a good soaking and softened the ground a bit , we went and got some grass seed & will get some top soil to see if that helps ...
I didn't water the grass often enough through the hot dry spell so I think that's what ruined it as the pee wasn't diluted and killed the grass off ...
Weasel I looked at the astro turf and it looks fab ! We are thinking about moving at the moment so I wouldn't want to spend out just yet until we know what we are doing .
I thought about the gravel option too but my youngest pup is going through a stone chewing faze at the moment ... Silly pup ... Hopefully the grass seed will fill do the job !!

JustAShopGirl Wed 06-Aug-14 08:53:28

We have found that the grass bit of our lawn grows well.... just that it was mostly moss to start with and dog pee kills moss.. so it is now patchy.

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