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Thinking of getting a poodle, any advice?

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Billingsgatedoxy Thu 24-Jul-14 13:35:30

So, after many years of pleading Dh is coming around to the idea of a dog. We have kids between early teens and ks2, and a large garden. I'm a sahm, so will be around during the day.

Due to allergies etc we don't want a short haired moulting dog, and as that was advice from our hospital consultant I am absolutely going to take it. I was thinking about maybe a poodle? The middle size as the research I've done suggests this will bond nicely with all the family and be easily trained etc.

Any cautionary tales/ stories of how fab they are would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Lonecatwithkitten Thu 24-Jul-14 13:58:57

They are fab dogs. If you are looking for an adult Poodles in Need have plenty looking for homes. Don't dismiss a standard they are not as full on as other dogs.

Billingsgatedoxy Thu 24-Jul-14 14:08:56

Ooh, that's very helpful. I will look at that site now. I thought it would probably have to be a puppy has had no luck finding a poodle in local shelters, but would be happy to re home one.

Would a standard needs lots of exercise? I had discounted as they seem much bigger.

kelpeed Fri 25-Jul-14 04:55:43

we have just gone through the standard or miniature poodle decision phase. as we were first time dog owners, we finally went for a miniature poodle. we also do not have enough room for a larger dog in the car.

we walk him 20 min or at easy amble, sniffer pace, each day. sometimes twice a day, depending on how we all feel. As he is still young (4 months now) we try not to overdo things, but he is happy to tear around -of his own volition- in the backyard.

his breeder said our poodle would be able to go for good long walks once he was old enough , but emphasised not to over do the exercise before he was fully grown. (this applies to all dogs). she also said they were tough dogs and happy to be challenged phsyicAlly and mentally, so there was no need for dog coats, etc. that said, grooming needs to be done every 8weeks or so and a servicable short puppy clip is easy to manage. we used to have cats and their fur would get inside everything, even boxes we hadnt opened for years.

he seems quite responsive to our training so far. the kids are thrilled with him- and are keen to train him to do new things (latest is shake paws). we are very inexperienced though, so i bet someone with more dog knowldege would find him much easier to train than us.

he gets combed everynight. he loves it and just falls asleep on my lap, all floppy and snuggly (photo!) it is easier to comb his hair than my own. i found that combing him for 5 minutes everyday was better than every 2nd or 3rd day as the hair becomes harder to untangle.

the poodle club has a network of contacts/fosterers with poodles needing to be rehomed, (as well as responsible breeders). i found them very knowledgable and helpful.

Florin Sun 27-Jul-14 06:45:39

My parents have a miniature and a standard poodle. Both were from the same breeder. The miniature is a little but more highly strung and more nervy a bit more of the personality you would associate with a dog like a yorkie, also very much bonded mainly to my Mum rather than the family again like you would get with a dog more like a yorkie. She is quite lazy too and would probably be happy with just a quick walk and then curling up with you on the sofa.
The standard poodle is lovely and adores kids however is much more bouncy even now at 8 she is still very much like a puppy and enjoys playing. She is very much more a family dog. She does need a good walk though or if possible 2. She also adores swimming (they were originally water dogs). However when she gets back she spends most of the day lying on her back with the legs in the air fast asleep so is no trouble.

They are very different dogs although this of course could just be their personalities.
The breeder told us there is specific personality traits depending on their colour so may be worth looking into this.
Also worth checking with different breeders what sort of size their dogs tend to end up the current standard poodle is a small one, the one before was huge!

Overall they are wonderful family dogs that I think sometimes people turn their noses up at. When they are not cut to a silly style they are very much proper dogs.

Make you factor in trimming cost as is can get expensive.

PeanutPatty Tue 29-Jul-14 20:37:19

Poodle Network UK are fab. Poodles in Need not so fab. Terrible at communicating let alone acknowledging completed registration forms etc. PNUK on FB is your best bet! Good luck and keep us posted. I love Poodles. Partic Standards.

woodle Tue 29-Jul-14 22:05:02

Poodles are the best dogs. I have a standard and will only be having poodles from now on!
As for walking, she can go for miles, but when we go out she isn't nutty, she potters along at her own pace. If she only gets a short walk, or for whatever reason doesn't get a walk that day she is quite happy to flop on the floor with all legs in the air snoring!
She is the easiest dog ever, fab with kids, other dogs and people, but is also a great guard dog in the fact that she'll give a good warning bark if someone approaches the house smile

negrilbaby Sun 03-Aug-14 20:58:30

Watching this thread closely. Have just made the decision to get a standard poodle within the next year - just e-mailed some breeders this afternoon.
I'm not a SAHM but work very close to home (so can pop back during the day) and only part-time hours. The puppy will never be alone for long.

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