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Ok think I've got it all sorted - but may I ask you just to check if there's anything I'm missing.

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Alwayswatchingalwaysasking Sun 20-Jul-14 22:12:57

We are now at the stage in our lives (the children are older (10+) and we are working less (out of the house mornings only for max 4hrs)) that we can welcome a dog into our home.

Everyone is very excited about the new arrival (not yet chosen), I'm still in the sorting out stage.

Please can you check that I've remembered everything and am sorted to get a dog in no particular order just as I recall it:

1) Temporary fencing to segregate a section of the large garden so that it's easy to contain the dog whilst it finds its feet

2) Crate for both sleeping in the house and transporting in the car

3) Collar / lead

4) Poo bags

5) Feeding bowls

6) Cushion for inside crate

7) Dog food

8) Dog insurance

9) Chews

10) Ball, pulley toy and cuddly toy

Is there anything else I need? I feel like a dog could be like a baby that I could spend a fortune on gadgets and gizmos, when actually it could really just do with the bottom drawer to sleep in! smile


whereisshe Sun 20-Jul-14 22:19:30

Looks like a good list. You might want to add training treats and a long lead (retractable, to use until recall is solid). Also find out about a good vet and good dog training school in the vicinity plus dog boarding for holidays. And explore some suitable local walks.

There are a few extra things we found useful for a puppy, like bitter apple spray and urine off, but less relevant if you get an older dog.

Obviously bear in mind that a lot of that equipment is size-of-dog dependent so you can't stock up much until the dog is chosen.

adriennemole Sun 20-Jul-14 22:31:28

Lots of old towels!

Ilovemydogandmydoglovesme Sun 20-Jul-14 23:31:09

Dog shampoo and grooming brush.

Details of local dog training club.

Dog food? Find out what the pups have been eating.

Will try and think of some more.

And pictures please when it arrives!

LadyTurmoil Mon 21-Jul-14 17:56:50

- Dog tag with your (not dog's) name and phone no. Must have this according to law.
- prepare folder for all info incl vet
- register at local vet
- - to remove urine odour when they pee inside
- look at your house and remove/place higher all those things you don't want chewed
- train children (!) to put toys/books/shoes away or they will get peed on/chewed.
- train children that they must give the pup some peace and quiet, not to pester too much. Remind them that puppy teeth are sharp and pup will nip, teach them how to behave how they should react. Remind them to leave pup well alone when asleep. Crate is his den - they shouldn't bother him there.
- Remind husband he probably won't get sex for a while - you'll be knackered! grin

Good luck!

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