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A good quality, reasonably priced wet food?

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TheCunnyFunt Sun 20-Jul-14 20:27:12

My dog doesn't particularly enjoy his dry biscuits on their own and he's no longer fooled by the 'warm water = gravy' trick. He likes tomatoey sardines mixed in but I don't want to give him them every day, twice a day.

Is there such a thing as a good quality but cheap/reasonably priced tinned food that I can mix with his biscuits?

CastilianHhhhidalgo Sun 20-Jul-14 20:53:01

Rocco Classic is good stuff. I use it (along with Rinti and Animonda GranCarno) as a dry food topper for my lot. It's less than £1 per 400g tin on Zooplus. Animonda GranCarno is similarly cheap, decent quality and goes down very well in this house. Rinti and Bozita are also good.

They come in a massive range of flavours, my lot go absolutely nuts for the beef and reindeer!

Floralnomad Sun 20-Jul-14 21:35:15

Perhaps a change of biscuit would work . We have had to go back to Barking heads as my dog cannot have raw ( he has SLO ) and I give him cooked chicken or ham with it and that encourages him.

TheCunnyFunt Sun 20-Jul-14 22:17:22

I used to feed him on CSJ, he got bored of that so I switched him to Harringtons which he loved for a while but now he's bored of that too. I wish I could afford a really good one like Barking Heads but it's way way wayyyy out of my price range in case he doesn't like it.

Thanks, I'll look into those Castilian smile

Floralnomad Sun 20-Jul-14 22:38:42

I feed the Barking Heads lamb and it doesn't work out that expensive as I feed less than recommended otherwise he would be as fat as a pig ,added to which he gets his cooked meats and other leftovers ( bit of a dustbin) . I know other people who have found the same with BH .

TheCunnyFunt Sun 20-Jul-14 23:50:23

Yeeees but what sort of dog do you have? I have a 35kg Greyhound so we get through a 15kg sack every 4-5 weeks.

CastilianHhhhidalgo Mon 21-Jul-14 00:22:37

You may find that with a higher quality food you feed less and it works out more economical.

I feed my lot Millies Wolfheart countryside mix and a 15kg sack lasts four medium sized dogs (three whippets who eat like horses and a 17kg mongrel) just over a month.

MWH do small trial packs for just a few pounds if you're interested in trying it without buying a whole bag.

TheCunnyFunt Mon 21-Jul-14 09:33:37

I just looked up Millies Wolfheart, there doesn't seem to be a low protein one, my dog needs less than 20%. His Harringtons is 21% which is still a little too high so I don't really think I should give him food which is 24%. It does look like good stuff though.

CuddyMum Mon 21-Jul-14 11:37:33

After trying Lily's Kitchen and finding it too rich for my dogs, I have reverted back to Wainwright's wet and dry food from Pets at Home.

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