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He doesn't really like walks?

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LittleMilla Fri 18-Jul-14 19:35:29

Dpup is 16 weeks now (I think!) and has obviously been going out for a few weeks now. See pic from yesterday!

He started puppy classes a couple of weeks ago and already had sit, recall sorted quite well before that. However, we have also started to implement some of the advice re: lead training etc.

Problem is, he really doesn't seem to like walks? He's fine when he's off the lead but getting to the park or even at times during the walk, he just stops and doesn't want to carry on. Has to be coaxed with treats.

Is this normal? What should/shouldn't we be doing to help him? Thanks

WeAllHaveWings Fri 18-Jul-14 21:10:21

our lab pup is 15 months now and I can remember there was a week or two where he would suddenly just velcro himself to the pavement and refuse to walk.

Sometimes if we changed direction he would move, or coaxed with treats, or carried for a little bit and then put down again (I know 16 week old labs are heavy!).

It only lasted a week or two and then he was ok.

Difficultdora Fri 18-Jul-14 21:29:11

Our lab puppy was like this too. I despaired of being able to walk him anywhere. Whenever he found things too scary he promptly sat or lay down and refused to move. He is my 4th dog and I had never had this problem before. I let him have a week at home without taking anywhere except puppy class and that seems to have done the trick. I have also been firm with people and children and stopped them getting too near to him unless I was sure that he was completely happy with them. A 6ft lead has helped as it allows him to get further away from things that worried him. He is now just 19 weeks and only in the last week has he been happily walking with me.

lampygirl Fri 18-Jul-14 23:05:34

I think there is a lightbulb moment at some point. My Berner at 4 months would just lie down about 10 yards from the front door and the coaxing would commence all the way to the park (about 100m, maybe less). Then all of a sudden she got it (heel walking) over short distances in puppy class and now at 6 months she walks beautifully, though not always by my side, she likes sniffing off in directions still. We did nothing differently she just had to get it at her own pace

mynewusername Sun 20-Jul-14 19:03:38

Had this with my last two lab pups. Must be normal. Think they get tired basically and they take time to get a taste for all the fun things out there - smells to sniff and puddles to roll in.
Second lab pup began enjoying walks after about four months, but on her terms only.... there were routes she enjoyed, routes she didn't... and when there was a smell to follow, her recall was quite bad.
I think it won't be long before your pup is enjoying his walks.

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