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Hills Dry Food

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murphys Thu 17-Jul-14 10:29:07

Hi all,

Puppy is now 13 weeks and she had been on Hills Large Breed Puppy food since we got her. She was underweight due to worms when we got her, so we fed her Hills as I feel she should be having a premium food as she is going to grow into a big girl.

But Hills doesn't really seem to agree with her. She farts and blows a lot, and when she does a poo (after each meal) it isn't firm by any means, but the smell is just horrendous. If I am in the kitchen and she poos outside I am able to smell it indoors.

So I have been looking to change, so I am now in the 7 day process of moving her over to Eukanaba instead.

If you fed your puppy Hills, did you find them very smelly when eating it?

I have read many posts about the best dry food to feed, but as I am not in UK we do not get the brands many of you refer to, and those that we do (Orijen) is just over our budget as we are paying import costs for the food on top of the price. So our top brands are Hills, Eukanaba, Royal Canin and Vets Choice. There are many other local brands, but these will be fine for her when she is a bit older I have no doubt but her growth food is important due to her size (estimate about 40kg plus).

I have also been on the Dogfood Advisor site, but a lot of those brands don't apply to us as not available.

I have also read up on raw diet, but I don't feel that this would be the best option for us at the moment.

pawsiespaws Sun 20-Jul-14 18:46:37

Can you get Harringtons or Naturediet? Natures Menu? Burns? Barking Heads? Although not the best I would suggest Butchers tinned or Chappie tinned are better than Hills.
These are all complete foods and dogs don't need dry food.

I would stop using Hills, it's doing her no good. Alternatively there are a few decent foods on Zooplus.

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