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The vet is coming tomorrow to put to sleep our gorgeous rescue greyhound boy

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LairyPoppins Wed 16-Jul-14 22:39:51

He is 13, we have had him for ten years. He has been fading for some time. He had a tumour a couple of years ago and had to have his toe amputated. He recovered from that but the vet said it was likely he would become ill from a tumour elsewhere. The last few months he has been off his food a bit, getting thinner, we changed his diet, but the last few weeks he's really been struggling. He looks listless and downhearted, though until last week he was still having 'mad moments' chasing round the place every so often.

We booked the vet a couple of weeks ago but cancelled when he rallied a bit. He has got worse though, and I think he has had enough.

I made him scrambled eggs with smoked salmon for breakfast this morning (is his favourite!) but he didn't want it. He has eaten some chicken this evening but he looks so tired - doesn't want to go for his walks and struggles to get up the step. He is still him though, and that is what makes it so difficult. He still snuggles up and wags his tail, still dreams of winning races and barks ar rabbits in the garden.

I know it is the right time but I feel horribly guilty and so sad about it. I want him to go on for ever, but not like this - I want him back how he was a few years ago - glossy, full of health and life. It just feels so hard. How do you know you are making the right decision? He trusts us completely - how can we do this to him? We are burying him in our field and I just can't bear to think of him out there in the cold tomorrow night. sad

We also have to tell our 4 year old twins, who will be brokenhearted. He's been such an important part of our family.

Thanks for reading, any advice on how to cope with it all very welcome.

Itisafact Wed 16-Jul-14 22:45:42

So sorry your going through this thanks. As you said your dog trusts you, you have given him a great life and he needs you to do this for him now. It's the last and greatest act of love you can show towards him.

You know when it's the right time and to keep him going for your sake would be cruel. Remember all the happy times when he was healthy and happy. It's nice that you can lay him to rest in your field he will always be close to you there.

LST Wed 16-Jul-14 22:47:06

So sorry you are going through this sad My dp had to have his beloved childhood friend pts yesterday. He is heartbroken. You are doing the right thing. It does get easier, though you will never forget x

SpicyPear Wed 16-Jul-14 22:47:43

Your post brought a little tear to my eye. Please do not feel guilty. Your post glows with the love you have for your boy. The say you know when it's time and it sounds like that is the case. You just of course wish it wasn't. Hugs for tomorrow. You are doing the brave and kind thing to let him go with dignity and without suffering.

notapizzaeater Wed 16-Jul-14 22:48:32

Aww that's so sad, but remember you are doing this for him, not you :-)

LairyPoppins Wed 16-Jul-14 22:52:58

Thank you It is a fact. I know what you say is true and that he will drift away without knowing about it. He hates going to the vet but loves people so hopefully with the vet coming here he can drift away on his favourite sofa.

It just feels so wrong. Neither I or DH have had to do this before - my parents seemed to handle it so well with our family dogs that I don't remember any trauma. Both DH and I are struggling and I know we'll be in such a state tomorrow.

Thanks again. I think I just have to remember this is something he needs us to do for him.

LairyPoppins Wed 16-Jul-14 22:54:58

Oh gosh, loads of cross posts. Thank you all. SpicyPear you have it exactly - I know this is the time, I just wish I could turn the clock back and have the 10 years again.

Itisafact Wed 16-Jul-14 22:57:35

I had to do it for the first time last year. It was awful but it was also a relief to see her out of pain. She was looking so miserable and in pain,not eating, drinking and confused. I think of her most days and have stopped beating myself up about it as I know it was the right choice.

It's so hard when they are part of the family and loved so much.

Hugs xx

Honeymoonmummy Wed 16-Jul-14 23:00:33

I am in tears reading this. I had to take my cat to the vet to be pts 5.5 years ago (10 days after DD was born) and you always wonder if it is time. The other posters have put it so well - it is a great act of love and actually a very selfless act because you are doing it for your boy and not for yourselves. All the very best for tomorrow xx

tammytwigg Wed 16-Jul-14 23:02:03

So sad ,been there ,thinking of you Tommorrow and remembering my faithful girl with a heavy heart x

LairyPoppins Wed 16-Jul-14 23:06:52

Thank you all again. It is really helpful to hear that others have felt the same. Yes, he has been the most wonderful faithful pet, and I hope we have been good owners for him - we will not let him down now.

This is yet another part of being a 'grown up' that I wasn't expecting to be so hard.

He is curled up on the sofa with DH, and I'm going to bed. Our other greyhound will be so lonely without him - she'll be getting a lot of extra attention from all of us too.

ReginaPhalangee Wed 16-Jul-14 23:09:00

I've been in your shoes, twice, with ex-racing greyhounds. I'm so so sorry for how you must be feeling, it is utterly heart wrenching. No amount of preparation will ready you for the loss or sadness, but please be assured that you ARE doing the kindest thing. You will suffer far more than your twins, as children seem to take things far more readily and with an acceptance we can't muster. Please find something to do for yourselves away from the house tomorrow - coming home afterwards will be the hardest part.

FoxyHarlow123 Wed 16-Jul-14 23:13:53

I found some comfort in thinking of the actual act very much like a general anaesthetic. It was peaceful and so quick but I won't pretend the 2 years since then have been easy. I still sob over him and am in tears again now writing this. I'm so sorry you're facing this. It's heart wrenching.

Twrch62 Thu 17-Jul-14 00:11:29

I'm so sorry, unfortunately the pain comes with you being such wonderful owners, I wish all dogs were so loved. He's had a great life that he wouldn't have had without you. It is heartbreaking, but in time you will know it was the kindest thing.
My Springer died 22 days ago, unexpectedly, traumatically and too young [8-1/2], but we know he had a good life, we expected to have him another 5/6 years but unfortunately it wasn't to be. We are still gutted, but slowly coming to terms with the loss.
Will be thinking of you tomorrow, please don't feel guilty, far worse to let him suffer. xx

cutcorners Thu 17-Jul-14 11:16:15

im really sorry to hear what you are going through with your boy , my little man is ill at the moment and was due to be put to sleep a month ago , but like yours he rallied a bit , he is still getting up , running after cats ( sometimes ) , enjoying his walks and stuffing his face , i think when he stops wanting the walks and eating it will be time to face what you are going through , as hard as it is when they stop enjoying things and just exist then you know its time and the best thing to do for them , it is the last act of love you can do for him , thinking of you all flowers

LairyPoppins Thu 17-Jul-14 13:14:33

He's gone sad

It was very peaceful - he didn't even get up from the sofa. He had a sedative first. DH and I stayed with him, stroking him. The vet and vet nurse were great.

DH carried him out to the field wrapped in his blanket and we gave him a cushion to cuddle up to. We filled in the hole - DH is finishing it now.

Our greyhound girl seems so far to be taking it in her stride. She curled up next to his grave for a while and had a snooze in the sun and is now sleeping by my feet.

There is a big space on the sofa. It seems very quiet without him, even though he mostly slept!

I am picking up the boys at 3pm, and will tell them then. He will be so missed, but he couldn't have been more loved.

Thank you for all your support yesterday. I know that we did the right thing by him.

Calipto Thu 17-Jul-14 13:35:37

So sorry to hear this but it sounds like he had a peaceful end, which he deserved.

Best wishes to you all and your remaining greyhound girl

cutcorners Thu 17-Jul-14 17:10:41

really sorry to hear that lairy , im glad it was so peaceful for him , you gave him a good life and a dignified end flowers

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