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Website started to bark at night

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LosBreakingBad Mon 14-Jul-14 10:37:36

A year ago we got our first ever dog. She is a westie who was four years old when we got her. She was a rescue dog that had been used for breeding in a puppy farm.
She settled in immediately,very cuddly and affectionate, easy to walk etc. She was fairly easy to house train. All good.
We kept her in a crate at night as she liked it and, I presume, used to it in her past life. Any attempts to wean her off it led to accidents at night.
Over the last year she has become particularly attached to my husband. He was made redundant in November and,due to my ill health, he ended up walking, feeding and generally caring for her.
My husband now has another job and is away monday to Friday.
He has been doing this job for a month.
My dog has started to bark at night. It started with an occasional woof or two, but has progressed to constant barking. This is a dog that never ever barked.
Last night I left her as I thought she would settle down. But after a good hour I let her out. All barking stopped and she settled down. I don't have a problem getting rid of her cage but she is not wonderful with her house training at night.
I would be grateful for any advice re the barking or getting her house trained at night.

exexpat Mon 14-Jul-14 10:38:27

No advice, but that's a brilliant autocorrect fail in your title...

LosBreakingBad Mon 14-Jul-14 10:38:33

* Westie
I really should proof read my posts better. Sorry.

exexpat Mon 14-Jul-14 10:40:32

So she barks when crated, but not when let out? Is there a room in the house (e.g. kitchen) where you could keep her at night and where it wouldn't be a disaster if she did wee/poo at night?

LosBreakingBad Mon 14-Jul-14 10:54:42

Unfortunately no. We have a cat that needs access to the cat flaps.

LosBreakingBad Mon 14-Jul-14 20:02:59


Wolfiefan Mon 14-Jul-14 20:08:49

Would she be reassured if you put one of his jumpers in the crate?

LosBreakingBad Tue 15-Jul-14 08:39:24

Ok, now I'm really desperate.

Last night I left her cage open and she had access to the kitchen and her favourite armchair. She barked for hours.

Would I be really stupid to bring her upstairs with me?

KarinMurphy Tue 15-Jul-14 08:52:59

Personally I would bring her upstairs but I let all of mine on the bed for cuddles and the spaniel cross sleeps with us at night. The other two are happy in the Utility Room but she never settled and barks from 4 in the morning if left with them.

Some dogs just seem to need the company.

LosBreakingBad Tue 15-Jul-14 09:53:40

I'm coming to that conclusion tbh. I will try it tonight.

VeryStressedMum Thu 17-Jul-14 13:28:33

She may feel most secure in the crate but didn't like to be left alone, would you bring the crate upstairs at night or is that to much of a palaver?
Glad she's got a lovely home now after her start in life smile

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