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Anal gland infections

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luvinthesun Mon 07-Jul-14 13:20:59

Hi, I am new to the world of anal glands and had lived in blissful ignorance of them until a month ago! I am getting concerned though as we have had an ongoing problem with them for 5 weeks now? His bottom is permanently swollen and although he has had 3 lots of antibiotics, and had his glands flushed out, the problem isn't going? He will seem less bothered by them for a few days and then start going mad trying to bite himself down there? When the vet empties them out, they don't seem to smell and it leaves quite a hole in the sac?
Our vet doesn't understand why the problem isn't going and is now suggesting they are removed, but from what I have read the side effects such as poss incontinence really concern me? I have read articles last night though that say's feeding them diff food etc can make a difference?
Has anyone any experience/ ideas of other things we could try please as at the moment my vet hasn't mentioned anything like this and I am really concerned at the moment? Any suggestions would be very welcome!! Thanks

Lonecatwithkitten Mon 07-Jul-14 15:27:15

They can be real devils to treat. I tend to quote minimum of 6 weeks worth of antibiotics, I would have flushed and directly instilled antibiotics into the glands twice before considering removal.

luvinthesun Mon 07-Jul-14 16:04:25

Thanks lonecatwithkitten Are you a vet by any chance? I just wondered with you saying that 'you quote a minimum of 6 weeks'? His first lot of antibiotics was for 5 days, they then extended this for another week as the infection hadn't shifted. They then flushed them out and put him on a different antibiotic for 5 days? he seemed to improve for a few days but they are getting worse again sad
He was only on anti inflammatories for a week. Does this sound advisable to you given that he is still so swollen down there as this is something else I'm not sure of tbh? Thanks for replying smile

daisy5569 Mon 07-Jul-14 16:37:56

my old boy has constant issues with his anal glands and infections, at one stage he was having them emptied weekly sad initial antibiotics didn't shift the infection so they took swabs and now when he needs antibiotics he has marbocyl (which seems to clear the infection up) Usually he has 14 days course as shorter ones don't shift the infection.
They have tried to inject antibiotics into the glands but he wouldn't let them (not surprisingly)
Problem I have is that my boy is really old 15years and I am reluctant to put him under a general anaesthetic to flush them out so am persevering with the antibiotics and regular emptying at the vets. He also has pro fibre supplement added into his food which seems to help a bit.
He also doesn't really show much sign that he is having problems either! Other dogs I have had have shuffled along the carpet! This one doesn't do that and I only know he has a problem as I notice him sometimes turning and looking at his bum a lot!
Hope you get it sorted

luvinthesun Mon 07-Jul-14 16:55:41

Thanks Daisy5569 mine shuffles along the carpet a lot as well when it is severe, then tries to bite himself. It's hard to watch him struggle bless him and he is only 2, so really young still sad They didn't put him completely under though when they flushed his anal glands, they just sedated him? I'm not surprised your dog wouldn't let them near him actually with the needle, it's a very sensitive area!!

Lonecatwithkitten Mon 07-Jul-14 17:02:01

Yes I am a vet.

affafantoosh Mon 07-Jul-14 22:41:03

I agree that they are a nightmare to treat, and yes they often require long courses of antibiotics to treat them as Lonecat says.

Profibre is useful although doesn't always completely resolve the issue. Dry Chappie is a useful food as well. The best solution is feeding raw food but that's pretty drastic for some owners. I never treat without discussing diet with owners though, because in many cases dietary management can prevent the problem successfully.

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