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Labradoodles - the good, the bad and the ugly!

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WonderIfThingsWillChange Fri 27-Jun-14 16:59:48

Hello! I'm about to look after a rescue labradoodle, I've not had much to do with them in the past, could anyone share their experienced of them please? I'm wondering about likes/dislikes, training etc. I realise all dogs are different but just wondered if there was a general consensus on them :-)

mistlethrush Fri 27-Jun-14 17:01:05

Why are you wanting a labradoodle - why not one of the other 100s of crossbred dogs that are available in rescue?

HavantGuard Fri 27-Jun-14 17:03:47

Er, she said that this is a rescue dog hmm

mistlethrush Fri 27-Jun-14 17:05:20

Yes - but there are lots of other mongrels as well as labradoodles around - just wondered why she wanted a labradoodle given so many are bred irresponsibly so its probably more likely to suffer with hips etc than many other mongrels.

HavantGuard Fri 27-Jun-14 17:06:47

True, but someone has to take them on or they'd be put to sleep.

WonderIfThingsWillChange Fri 27-Jun-14 17:08:22

For your information I am fostering him for a rescue, like I have done for several other breeds of dogs. My own dog is a rescue lurcher - do you still wish to judge me??

mistlethrush Fri 27-Jun-14 17:11:06

I was just asking - you have answered.

I have met some lovely labradoodles in the park - unfortunately one of them damaged first one then the other cruciate ligaments and had to have them operated on. Before that she was very active and you would always see them chasing a tennis ball very happily. They had been well socialised so weren't too 'in your face' with other dogs which was good, given their size and energy.

WonderIfThingsWillChange Fri 27-Jun-14 17:11:41

I have a young family therefore the only dogs they allow me to foster are home surrenders where a history is known, this is for the safety of my children not something I have requested. I'm happy to foster all breeds of dogs and have done so without problems in the past. My next foster just happens to be a labradoodle and I wanted to know more about them before he arrived that's all sad

tabulahrasa Fri 27-Jun-14 17:12:10

Um, she also said looking after...that's either as a favour or on a foster basis rather than wanting surely...

Besides, there's nothing wrong with taking on a rescue labradodle, surely?

Wonder - they're both fairly active intelligent water retriever breeds, fetch and swimming should be pretty good guesses, along with easily trainable and up for lots of exercise.

WonderIfThingsWillChange Fri 27-Jun-14 17:12:30

Sorry, just being a bit defensive! blush

ajandjjmum Fri 27-Jun-14 17:13:42

Friends have one Wonder, and it's a brilliant dog. Hope it settles in well to your family. smile

Floralnomad Fri 27-Jun-14 17:13:51

All the ones I know really love their tennis balls , so provided you have a good supply you should be fine .

HavantGuard Fri 27-Jun-14 17:14:32

The only one I know is HUGE (not fat, big) and lopes around focused on it's owner or sniffing and ignores mine completely.

WonderIfThingsWillChange Fri 27-Jun-14 17:15:16

I will put shopping for tennis balls on my list for tomorrow! My dog has no interest in them, only frisbees!

ajandjjmum Fri 27-Jun-14 17:15:17

I think your tone came across as being aggressive mistlethrush - although I'm sure it was unintentional.

therealeasterbunny Fri 27-Jun-14 17:18:01

I have a labradoodle and he's incredible, amazing with my young family, amazing with my cat, really healthy (despite being a 'monster' hybrid which some people would lead you to believe means his legs are about to fall off and his insides simultaneously explode!). He's literally perfect. He was a breeze to train, has never shown a hint of aggression or any negative behaviour at all.

In fact, the only bad thing he has ever done is eat a sock and two pairs of shoes!

mistlethrush Fri 27-Jun-14 17:19:28

It wasn't meant in an aggressive way - just to find out the background and therefore why the info was needed....

I have met a very small labradoodle too - from a small poodle lab combo - he was very cute and friendly.

They do appear to be quite intelligent. Although I hope the one you're fostering doesn't have telephone alarm system that the two standard poodles had that lived across the road - you could hear when the phone was going when they weren't in the house as the dogs howled very loudly - enough to exit their house (closed windows) and go over the road and still be audible in our house (closed windows).

springlamb Fri 27-Jun-14 17:22:00

My sister has a 3 year old golden doodle.
She's huge (and so is the dog, sorry sis). Lots of retriever habits including sofa hogging.
She would eat anything but has a delicate tummy.
She has a lovely nature and is very kind and loving.
Very good with other dogs.
And yes, tennis balls will be needed.

WonderIfThingsWillChange Fri 27-Jun-14 17:24:07

I hope there will be no telephone howling! I don't think that would go down well with the neighbours! Fortunately I'm home for the next 2 weeks and my husband for the next 2 weeks so no need to be left alone too much. I expect there will be a queue of people wanting him and my next foster will be with us before the school holidays start smile

Gooner123 Fri 27-Jun-14 18:43:52

My mum has the larger type too,he's a real big softie,although very partial to chasing deer.

PersonalClown Fri 27-Jun-14 18:56:14

Mine? A very dim big ball of fluff.
And I'm not joking. He's on the small(ish) side for a Doodle as we keep a very close eye on his weight. He's very food driven. Everything stops for 'noms'

FUR EVERYWHERE!! He moults like a fucker and is washed and groomed properly every 2-3 months.

Adorably loving though. Has no concept of his size and will try to lay all over you. Loves to take up all the space and be upside down.

mrscumberbatch Fri 27-Jun-14 19:02:22

All the doodles that I have met have been daft as brushes. Lovely temperament though.

ILikeToClean Fri 27-Jun-14 20:29:46

We have one, he's intelligent, will do anything for food, thinks every person and dog is on this earth to love him and play with him, steals socks, tea towels and pretty much anything, can be a little sod for that but has a wonderful nature with absolutely no side to him. People think doodles are mad because when out they're so excited to be amongst people and dogs, but at home he's the laziest thing ever, follows me around and just lays down until I move into another room then ditto, and think most of them are the same at home. They're family dogs, they adore people, children and anything really. Never seen any aggression in one. Good luck - you'll fall in love!

WonderIfThingsWillChange Fri 27-Jun-14 21:10:06

Thanks everyone, feel reassured that we should be ok! I can cope with bonkers when out and about but though they may be the same indoors and not sure how we would cope or our lurcher who is wild when outdoors but mostly sleeps when home smile bought a pack of tennis balls earlier and lots of willing people to fuss him so I guess we are all set!

Blackpuddingbertha Fri 27-Jun-14 23:43:54

Here's mine currently. She has had two one hour walks off lead, 20minutes swimming, several mad dashes around the garden, chased the neighbour's cat who dared stray into the garden, jumped all over my mum as she hadn't seen her for two weeks, snuggled on my lap, eaten a bit of food, spooked the chickens, stared at the neighbours over the fence, done the school run, chased several tennis balls. And now she sleeps.

She's lovely but expect bounce smile

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