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Anyone used Bravecto for fleas?

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luccamum Tue 24-Jun-14 10:43:33

We have a 9 year old Weim, who is allergic to Advocate.
We have been just about surviving on Frontline and twice daily flea combing, this weekend we had a flea explosion courtesy of the cat, who came in covered in fleas.
I spent the weekend, Indorex -ing the house, and flea combing the cat.
The cat went to the vet last night, and was Advocated, and we asked the vet what, if anything could we use on the dog.
He recommended Bravecto, which is a new 3 monthly tablet, which treats fleas and worms.
Not cheap, 1 tablet was £32!
We gave it him last night, no problems so far, and this morning, no fleas!!!!!
Have we found the Holy Grail of flea treatments?

toboldlygo Tue 24-Jun-14 18:07:10

It only came out last month I think. Doesn't do worms, only fleas and ticks (and only US ticks as far as I can tell!)

Impressed by the 12 week efficacy but it doesn't appear to include any environmental control so would only be useful in conjunction with a household spray as you've done.

Lonecatwithkitten Tue 24-Jun-14 19:17:54

It does do UK ticks and gives 3 months cover. US ticks it only gives 2 months cover. I am just about to switch to it in my practice though it will be a damn site cheaper with me largest size just under £18.

toboldlygo Tue 24-Jun-14 20:05:39

Thank you for the correction, I gave up halfway through the list. grin

We are supposed to be pushing Merilym vacc rather than tick prevention, the powers that be haven't fully explained why.

Ninetysixpercent Tue 24-Jun-14 20:12:44

90% of the chemicals are excreted into the environment, am sure it's efficacy has been proven but please consider environmental factors when using this product.
Unfortunately no-one really bothers to research these factors. It's taken me weeks of emails back and forth with the drug company to convince my employer not to stock it.

luccamum Tue 24-Jun-14 22:08:48

I'm sorry ninetysixpercent, could you explain your comment, I'm a concerned pet owner, who doesn't have a veterinary degree, I don't understand your comment about environmental factors.
I know I have a dog who is allergic to Advocate, and frontline simply doesn't work, I might ad well spray him with sugar water for all it does.
I tried the flea combing three times a day.
That didn't work either.
Am I supposed to have an infested dog, infested cats, and an infested house, because of "environmental factors".
Could you please explain, and tell me what I should do instead?

Arudonto Wed 25-Jun-14 00:30:37

I use it.fantastic product!
we are always getting patients with fleas into the practice and my own mutt comes to work with me so fleas are a serious issue.
havent had a single problem since applying it.its 3 months protection for fleas and for ticks!ticks dead within 8 hours of biting so lyme disease risk is negligible.

We are recommending it to all our works out cheaper than monthly flea and tick treatments.we are €20 for a medium sized dog though.

If you have an infestation in the house then bravecto will not be the complete solution im afraid.90 percent of the flea poulation do not live in the animal they live in the your house.indorex or another enviornmental spray everywhere..esp cornors under beds etc.all bedding through a 90 degree wash.hover the hell out of the carpets..viberatioms setts off the hatching cycle so gets the larvae up to be killed rather than waiting for another outbreak.and a flea collar in the hoover to kill anylive creatures.and treat the cat obviously :p

Arudonto Wed 25-Jun-14 00:34:44

By applying I mean feeding btw.seems to be quite a tasty tablet.

Im also confused about what you meam by enviornmental factors...these drugs have a very high safety rating and in tablet form you dont have to worry about kids or dogs licking the spot on area or swimming.

luccamum Wed 25-Jun-14 06:03:25

Arudonto, I agree with you, I fleacombed Luccadog when I got back from work, and there was nothing on him at all!
One dead flea on the previously infested cat.
I treated the environment over the weekend, Hoovered, then steam treated all carpets and non washable soft furnishings, then 2 cans of Indorex.
Anything that could be washed, went in a boil wash.
The washer wasn't off all weekend.
It seems to have worked so far.
(Still don't understand ninetysixpercent's comments though.)

luccamum Wed 25-Jun-14 06:53:59

Oh, and yes of course, it doesn't treat worms, my mistake.
He's been Milbenaxed for that.

Ninetysixpercent Wed 25-Jun-14 07:14:06

What I meant was that the chemicals in the drug are excreted in the animals urine/faeces, washed into rivers etc where they kill wildlife. Same goes for most pesticides/insecticides. I wasn't having a go at you for using the product, my beef is with the drug companies who don't give a toss so long as they're making a profit.
Unfortunately there are no legal requirements for them to research the effects of their drugs on any species other than those it's intended for.

CumbrianMum2 Tue 26-Aug-14 16:56:36

But do you think that Frontline/Advantix are potentially any less harmful? And what about all the stuff that farmers spray all over the place anyway.... Not saying it shouldn't be a concern, but is it really likely to be distributed in large enough quantities to do any damage?

mrslaughan Tue 26-Aug-14 18:36:12

we did it for our dog for ticks as they are terrible around here, he has a dense coat, so the chance of one getting through to the skin seemed low, but them we would have no hope of finding it, if it did.

seems to work.

And cost - well I have a giant, who weighs her was a lot more than £35....I nearly died when the vet told me how much!!!

oh yes and worm treatment separate

leafyrobbo Sun 31-Aug-14 10:50:30

I use it now, my practice were saying it to be better as Frontline Combi doesn't really do the job anymore. I have two pugs one weighing under 10kg and the other 10.1kg so I have to get one of one size and one of the other. I nearly had a fit at the price it was £32 for one and £35 for the other which included VAT. I have however just been online and you can get it for half the price with a prescription so I'll be doing that in future. It still only works out about £20 a month to do my two but they love it and eat up the tablet like a treat and you don't get the mess from using a spot on which is good if I have a show coming up. My older pug is very picky with treats and tablets and can spot them a mile off but no problem with this chewy tablet, smells like beef flavour.

Unirone62 Thu 18-Sep-14 03:47:11

i have been using COmfortis with great results although my labradoodle has a sensitive stomach and i only give him a 3/4 dose, my lab is fine....i was curious about bravecto since the studies show minimal if any side effects. as for castoff int the environment it becomes inert in sunlight (even in shade) it was developed initially for agricultural sprays on insects attacking crops..they die the moment they bite on leaves...this was applied in late evening after sunset...somehow they found that it stays in the intestinal track of animals about a month (no light in it only affects insects and has been used safely on the ecosystem without harm (up to now) the dogs still are bitten when around other unprotected animals but the fleas die instantly. we have used it for several years now and cost is very affordable i treat my dogs for about 110 dollars every six months. have any of you tried it or know more about it.

LavenderFox Tue 25-Nov-14 21:07:49

Advocate has been a problem for LavenderHund who adores water and mud in all forms, it unavoidably gets washed away even with the enviromental precautions considered because he needs a bath pretty unavoidably at least once a week. The new tablet sounds like it is worth a try, does it protect against lungworm?

monopoly123 Sun 14-Dec-14 10:11:16

We've got this for our chihuahuas, 1 has taken it with no problem, the other has buried hers in her bed, we've wrapped it in ham and she's spat it out. Any advice on how to get her to take it - instructions clearly state to not cut it up but if I don't get it smaller I can't see how I will get her to have it.

RickRocks Fri 23-Jan-15 17:19:36

We started using Bravecto about 6 months ago, and its absolutely great!
Kills fleas and ticks within 2 hours, and keeps the dog protected for 12 weeks.

See the video I made of my dog getting Bravecto:

In the video, I also try to give her the spot on which we always used before, and you can see that she remembers and doesn't like it smile

snala Sat 24-Jan-15 08:14:40

We were given this for our dog yesterday, changed from advocate.
£18 and she couldn't eat it fast enough!!

mcmarvyn Sun 15-Feb-15 19:58:01

Bravetco has been great for our dog

5hell Mon 16-Feb-15 15:24:45

yep used it twice now, no problems, no fleas, no smell, all good!

monopoly we always make our dogs 'work' for their tablets, i.e. do a series of sit/stay/heel tasks and reward as you go with one of the rewards being the pill. they seem to get so focussed on doing their obedience and getting the rewards they are less suspicious and chomp it down quite happily.

Raoshaos19 Mon 02-Mar-15 09:29:05


I'm interesting about this new way to combat ticks, but I have a issue. I'm from Romania, and in my country I can not find it.
How can I purchase ? Can you have any tips?

Thank you

Please contact me on

jessica52 Fri 12-Jun-15 13:09:57

sadly just read about a dog who has died through this treatment and another seriously ill, must be side effects , which i know nearly all medicines can have side effects but ill stick to my normal routine for fleas,

mrslaughan Fri 12-Jun-15 14:10:29

where did you read that Jessica?

villainousbroodmare Fri 12-Jun-15 23:40:41

I live in South Africa in a very ticky area. (Ticks, rather than fleas, would be my main concern.) I brought my dog from Ireland (with no resistance) and we walk daily on our farm, in and out of bush and rough grazing. In my veterinary practice we have at least two or three dogs and cats hospitalised at any one time with tick-borne disease (babesiosis).
When we arrived a year ago I had a Seresto collar on the dog, but while it worked well enough, it didn't really suit us as he swims and is washed often. I switched to Bravecto and have been very pleased with it. We fine-tooth comb the dog head to toe every single night and occasionally find a dead or stunned tick but never ever a live or engorged one. The only thing I have found is that he is sometimes a little quiet the day he gets it. I have sold a LOT of Bravecto and have had virtually no complaints - the only ones being flea sightings when environmental control was poor.
If you buy the giant breed size and divide the tablets it's even more economical.

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