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choc lab puppy

(19 Posts)
sunshineday Mon 16-Jun-14 20:05:21

Hi I'm picking up our new choc lab puppy on Friday grin and was looking for some suggestions for names other then coco or cadburys and buttons! we already have a yellow lab called sandy

BravePotato Mon 16-Jun-14 21:42:43

Teesa? (Malteser)

LadyTurmoil Mon 16-Jun-14 23:06:41

Do you want a chocolate related name or don't mind?

Banjo, Hardy, Nelson, Griffon, Lester, Jimi, Hendrix, Harrison, Brody, Benedict, Harlen, Bingo, Benson, Beanz, Julius, Caesar, Joseph, Jackson, Vincent, Albert, Arthur, Barnaby, Dickens, Apollo, Mars (plant or choc bar!)smile

ARightOldPickle Tue 17-Jun-14 06:59:10

I know 4 choc labs - Winston, Bailey, Milo and Hazel.

Breed websites often have lists of names.

ARightOldPickle Tue 17-Jun-14 07:05:44

Forgot to say congratulations!

We've had our puppy (Dalmatian) almost 6 weeks so can remember the excitement of picking her up. She has grown so quickly and is now all legs - and teeth hmm


sunshineday Tue 17-Jun-14 10:05:09

Thanks for suggestions I like hazel, mars and bailey. Don't mind chocolate related names for her but the ones in op are already used by friends dogs we see a lot of.

PetyrBaelishsConscience Tue 17-Jun-14 10:07:05

Baci, Sugar, Velvet.

PetyrBaelishsConscience Tue 17-Jun-14 10:07:36

Smartie (wee chocolate sweetie!)

moosemama Tue 17-Jun-14 16:18:11

A friend of mine had a Chocolate Lab called Fudge. smile

IAmNotAMindReader Tue 17-Jun-14 16:27:44

Les as in "les cadburys fingeres" (Peter Kay)

insanityscatching Tue 17-Jun-14 20:59:49

I used to see the most gorgeous chocolate lab called Bruce and it seemed to suit him, he was such a character.

SpicyPear Tue 17-Jun-14 22:27:15

I am an advocate of picking a name based on personality rather than looks. You will meet all of the obvious chocolate/colour brown related names out and about so go for something completely different!

moosemama Tue 17-Jun-14 22:37:17

Quite right Spicy. All our dogs have ended up with names that just came to us once we had them home and spent a bit of time with them.

Having said that, I have just remembered I also know of a Choc Lab called Trevor! grin

sunshineday Wed 18-Jun-14 08:27:00

Spicy that's exactly what happened with sandy our yellow lab we had a name ready for her but when we brought her home sandy just seamed to suit her, it was not even a name we had thought of before hand.

Just a couple of days to go now, very excited grin

Greenandcabbagelooking Wed 18-Jun-14 08:28:43


NCISaddict Wed 18-Jun-14 08:31:05

A friend has one called Chilli.

lettertoherms Wed 18-Jun-14 08:33:44

Nougat grin

SnakeyMcBadass Wed 18-Jun-14 09:31:12


PuddinAforeDinner Wed 18-Jun-14 15:43:20


A choc lab puppy, how gorgeous. I lost my old boy (Barney) back in Nov and still miss him terribly.

My parents now have a choc lab puppy and got the kids to name him, yes you've guessed it..... Marley blush

Anyway, if I ever get another one I love the names Bentley (boy) and Seren (means star in Welsh, for a girl).

Enjoy your little bundle of chocolateness.

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