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Keep your paws crossed for us!

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Toooldtobearsed Mon 16-Jun-14 17:38:43

My 7month old lab is going to vet tomorrow to be sedated and x-rayed, no breakfast-a tragedy for a lab, and anxious mum sad

He has a limp. Had it for 2 months now and no non surgical treatment has worked. He has perplexed the vet, the limp is intermittent, even when just walking him up and down.

Personally, I think he has the same hypochondriac tendencies as DH, but as he is much younger, nicer looking and just plain brillianter than DH, I will do anything to get him better grin

Really hope they can find something to treat, because all joking aside, it is becoming a pain, both literally and metaphorically.

Poor cat will get no brekkie tomorrow either - would drive the poor mutt mad if he did!

Paws, fingers and fins crossed please smile

butterfliesinmytummy Mon 16-Jun-14 20:51:05

Paws crossed, hope they can treat her, such a worry when pets are not well. I just posted about my dog and her limping - then I saw your post. Commiserations to the cat too wink

omletta Mon 16-Jun-14 20:54:00

Brown dog (also a lab) is crossing paws. Of course he knows that after the opp you get an extra yummy treat right? Like a pigs ear, or a scrumy bone?!

Toooldtobearsed Mon 16-Jun-14 20:59:37

Ox tail, sprats and chicken portion defrosting right now omeletta smile
Butterflies, will look out for your post!

Toooldtobearsed Tue 17-Jun-14 14:37:29

Ahhhh, gnawing my knuckles now. Just had call from vet, x-rays went fine, but they have sent them on to a specialist to look at and will ring me when he has given an opinion.

Want him home, now ~stamps feet~

omletta Tue 17-Jun-14 15:52:08

Oh no - at least he is getting the best possible attention.

butterfliesinmytummy Tue 17-Jun-14 15:57:17

Aw, more delays but at least he will be seen now and you don't have to wait weeks for the specialist

Toooldtobearsed Tue 17-Jun-14 17:19:11

Well, been referred to a specialist orthopaedic surgeon. He needs to for an MRI next Monday, probably followed by surgery sad

They think he has had a hairline fracture in the past which has healed but has built up too much bone in his elbow, so, if correct, will have to be removed.

Bummer, but better than some life long condition, I guess.

He is curled up on the settee with me, fast asleepsmile

omletta Tue 17-Jun-14 19:07:55

Did he enjoy his treats? I think aft they have been to the vets they are extra loving, I don't know if it's cause they chat to the other animals and realise that they live in a great please, or just cause they feel poorly - I prefer to believe it's the former....

Toooldtobearsed Tue 17-Jun-14 19:11:43

Yes, he enjoyed his treats. But, he keeps cuddling in, then pulling back and giving me that 'I don't like you' look.

He will positively hate me by this time next week grin

He is still a bit disorientated, nothing major, but dopier than usual. No doubt back to his pain in the bum ways first thing in the morning!

butterfliesinmytummy Tue 17-Jun-14 19:20:25

Poor thing, good job they don't know what's coming. Like you say, at least it's something that can be solved fairly quickly and shouldn't have recurring effects.

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