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Beagle Jumping up

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Claybury Mon 16-Jun-14 15:47:09

Our 7 month old beagle is doing pretty well, is great on walks, and will sit and lie on command. BUT she persists on jumping up constantly in the kitchen, to survey the work surfaces etc. ( front paws up) Obviously if there were food there she would take it.
I have trained her to lie down while I load the dishwasher , but we are constantly telling her to lie down instead of jumping up to grab things of surfaces & she's not making any progress.
Is there anything we can do other than to keep rewarding her for lying down? It's getting very tiresome !

AcrossthePond55 Mon 16-Jun-14 16:20:29

We ended up putting our Dachsie on his lead and standing on it with a little slack when he was in the sit/down position so he couldn't jump up (ours was people, not counters). When he tried to jump he was kept in 'sit' or 'down' position by a little tug from the leash. We would reward him when he let the leash go slack by sitting or lying on his own.

needastrongone Mon 16-Jun-14 17:16:31

Perhaps make it more rewarding for her to have all four paws on the ground? So, good things happen when she's firmly got all four paws planted on the ground.

Do you clicker train? I found this particular behaviour was easiest to train using the clicker, as long as you marked at the correct time. You can 'capture' the behaviour rather than specifically train it with a cue word. So, when she's quietly sitting, or standing or in her bed, then mark the behaviour and treat.

There's a really good video on YouTube by Kikopup, which explain this really well.

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