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Tips on lead biting please!

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catbus Sun 15-Jun-14 11:12:33

15 week old Collie loon. She's doing pretty well on her new harness but still at points jumps up in an over excited (presumably) frenzy, biting the lead and generally being bonkers with teeth.
Trying distraction atm, with kissy noises,
etc, currently to no avail.
It's a bit painful when you are pretty much stuck with her doing it and obviously gotta be careful of nipped hands also shock
I also try and ignore, letting the lead go as slack as I can and showing her I'm bored- this too seems to fail!! I feel like I just have to stand there whilst she gets tangled up, waiting for her to stop!
What could I be working on to be getting her to stop maiming the lead (and us) in the meantime?
I'm hoping that this too shall pass as she matures confused
It's extremely hard to remain calm when she's doing this!

soddinghormones Sun 15-Jun-14 11:14:03

Kikopup has a very good video on this - will see if I can find and link to it

soddinghormones Sun 15-Jun-14 11:16:43

Hope that works - if not search for kikopup stop leash biting

We followed this and it worked perfectly

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