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raw feeding - treats?

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TooOldForGlitter Sat 14-Jun-14 19:08:11

We are about to start the raw feeding adventure. My order is placed, new freezer is in the shed, its all go! I was just wondering, for those of you that do feed raw, does your dog still get chews/treats, and if so, what?

GobblersKnob Sat 14-Jun-14 19:39:56

I get all my treats from here and here smile

SpicyPear Sat 14-Jun-14 19:41:00

Bones are nature's chew, which is cheesy but true. I will admit that they get the occasional crap processed thing as a treat.

For treats I use dehydrated meats - like beautiful joes, fish4dogs sea jerry, innocent hound sausage. You can also make your own in the oven or a dehydrator. For classes or training where I need something really high value I will use cheese, hot dog sausage (but not too much as it's salty) or cooked chicken breast cut into small pieces.

SpicyPear Sat 14-Jun-14 19:42:04

Oh and once a month they get some doggy bags bakery biscuits.

TooOldForGlitter Sat 14-Jun-14 19:51:58

Oh excellent, thanks guys smile

Have to ask, what is 'pizzle'??

SpicyPear Sat 14-Jun-14 19:58:05


TooOldForGlitter Sat 14-Jun-14 20:02:49

Oh! Haha, willy! F

TooOldForGlitter Sat 14-Jun-14 20:04:05

Come over all unnecessary at mention of willy and posting too soon. Was going to say, 'fantastic'! grin

SpicyPear Sat 14-Jun-14 20:05:02


Nancery Sat 14-Jun-14 20:08:12

A place near us sell Billy & Margo treats, pricey but great. I use those, and carry some with me in case some well meaning person tries to give her a Gravy Bone (this happens quite a bit in local pubs or the dog cafe)

Nancery Sat 14-Jun-14 20:09:07

Ps raw feeding is brilliant, best thing we could have done for our lovely collie; good luck with it!

TooOldForGlitter Sat 14-Jun-14 20:10:30

Thanks, pretty nervous to be honest! So much advice around and a lot is conflicting. Hoping for best.

fanoftheinvisibleman Sat 14-Jun-14 20:19:13

We've never looked back. Dog is currently whining at me for a dried tripe stick. Dried fish skins and dehydrated liver treats are good too.

TooOldForGlitter Sat 14-Jun-14 20:43:09

Where on earth do you get a dried fish skin!

Nancery Sat 14-Jun-14 21:23:29

OP, I felt a bit overawed at first but it's actually super simple. Feel free to PM me if you want to. You will be fine, honestly!

fanoftheinvisibleman Sat 14-Jun-14 21:37:54 grin To be fair quite a few places do them.

TooOldForGlitter Sat 14-Jun-14 23:43:40

So far my sums are telling me it isn't any cheaper than conventional food. I'm not switching for financial reasons but it does seem more expensive than I initially read/thought.

fanoftheinvisibleman Sat 14-Jun-14 23:54:34

It really does depend what you feed. I like Nutriment and Wolftucker. They are at the high end and are more expensive. But I have a local supplier where I could buy for 45p lb which works out cheaper than premium kibble. Companies like DAF and Theyloveit are more competetively priced. I like the more.expensive pre blended for 2 main reasons - my dog tries to just eat the bits he likes where he can and I prefer meat well packaged/not smelly as it goes in with my food.

Nancery Sun 15-Jun-14 00:44:34

I have found that the more organised you are the cheaper it can be, also keep an eye on the reduced sections of supermarkets for meat

Toooldtobearsed Sun 15-Jun-14 06:05:29

Lamb lites - maltesers for dogs apparently! Mine loves them and they are easy to break into tiny pieces to use for training. Dried liver is also much loved, but beef jerky.....yuk, the smell makes me heave.

Toooldtobearsed Sun 15-Jun-14 06:15:28

Glitter - agree with Nancery, it need not cost a bomb.
I pick up all sorts from the reduced section of supermarket and just freeze immediately. I get green tripe, mixed diced meat and minces from DAF every few months. Whole chickens cut up are cheaper than portions, although smart price frozen chicken portions are often picked up.
I get bones, ends of cuts and bits and pieces from local butcher.
I make up a months worth of meals at a time then freeze, so can compare with cost of good dry food, which is what previous dog had, and I reckon it is about the same, it just takes longer to prepare!
Am I allowed to say that petforums have a fantastic sticky about raw feeding that I studied before starting? Great ideas, as well as nutritional advice.

WeAllHaveWings Sun 15-Jun-14 13:15:33

good selection of natural fish, beef, lamb, venison, tripe treats/chews here. I feed their kibble and ddog loves their treats. There are a few BARF feeders in their facebook group who use the kibble as a backup when away from home and also use the treats.

TooOldForGlitter Mon 16-Jun-14 18:20:31


TooOldForGlitter Mon 16-Jun-14 18:40:06

All set to start tomorrow. Super tips from this thread, thanks guys. Now, if someone can tell me how to convince my mum i'm not going to make the dog 'bloodthirsty'....

Toooldtobearsed Mon 16-Jun-14 18:48:38

Oh Glitter, the things people have said to me about raw feeding....

Give it a few weeks and when they see how gorgeous he is, they will change their tunegrin

I have had dogs for 30 + years. This pup is the first to be fed raw and I did a lot of research before we even got him. Believe me, it is the best thing I have done. I hesitate to say it because it sounds so evangelical, but it is just the naturalness of it all, and it is so easy!
We go away at weekends fairly regularly with pup. During the day, hungry? Just pop into a butcher, get a chicken portion and bobs your uncle-no bowls, no mess.

Best thing we did- and mine has not turned into a blood thirsty labsmile

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