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So, this is me trying to have a lie in

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SnakeyMcBadass Sat 14-Jun-14 11:08:35

They're worse than kids.

GemmaTeller Sat 14-Jun-14 11:13:51


soddinghormones Sat 14-Jun-14 11:16:25

Is your spaniel back home now snakey?

SnakeyMcBadass Sat 14-Jun-14 11:18:28

He is. We have ongoing support. He was a model dog at the foster home and integrated with a pack of five, even getting himself a girlfriend. The bastard.

EmpressOfJurisfiction Sat 14-Jun-14 11:18:42

My two sleep on the bed and they're ok as long as they think I'm asleep.

One eye opens and they notice, though, and it's straight into morning cuddles, clothes on and out for walk...

Shosha1 Sat 14-Jun-14 11:36:50

I tried thisorning as well.
Queen Staffy clambered on when DH got up and farted.
Ninja Staffy then climbed on and sat on my head.
I gave up sad

SnakeyMcBadass Sat 14-Jun-14 11:45:22

Mine crept closer and closer. Then the spaniel breathed death breath in my face. When this didn't work, the Poodley thing oh so gently held my nose with his face. Then stuck his tongue up my nostril. I got up grin

SnakeyMcBadass Sat 14-Jun-14 18:03:01

I took them on a 10km hike. They won't even covk an ear for the 'w' word now. I win <in your face, woofers>

LadyTurmoil Sun 15-Jun-14 10:22:16

How's it going with "bastard" spaniel now he's back at home?

SnakeyMcBadass Sun 15-Jun-14 10:26:56

Better. I'm coming at it from a different angle. We walk when I feel it's safe to do so, and I feel more in control. We're doing less ball play which has calmed him down, and less exercise generally. I think I was hyping him up by taking him on full on ball chasing fests for 2 hours a day. We now do a 45 minute off lead walk in the morning, a twenty minute lead walk in the evening and some training/ball games in the garden. He seems more settled.

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