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Renal failure in older dogs

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SteveBrucesNose Fri 13-Jun-14 05:43:48

I'm devastated sad

Our lovely BoyDog went to have his teeth cleaned yesterday and I let myself get swayed by the receptionist selling me the £60 quid pre-op blood tests, as we don't know much about their history.

I got a call from the vets - the blood tests and subsequent urine samples show extremely low kidney function. He's having his ultrasound this week at some point to see the full extent, but the vet has warned us that she expects less than 25% function.

He's a fit and healthy dog - he's 9 and a half, 27.5kg and not losing weight, he's bright and playful, he's happy. There's very little wrong with him in his personality and you wouldn't think he was ill to look at him.

We've only had the poor old man for 2.5 months. We knew he was peeing much more than GirlDog, and his coat is duller than hers. To be honest we just assumed (and the vets opinion matched this too at first) that it was just the difference between dogs. The vet hadn't seen how much he pees though until he was in for the day yesterday.

I haven't stopped crying. I know renal problems are a major issue in Dalmatians, but everything about him is perfect. He's my boy. He can't be so ill.

He's on the veterinary renal diet, and I've done some reading on the British dalmatian society website and read that brown rice, chicken and white fish is good, low protein, plenty of water.

Has anyone had any experience of this? I know from what the vet was saying that our time will be significantly shorter than it should be so we need to keep him as happy and healthy as possible. I'm back at the vets with GirlDog on Sunday so I'll be able to ask my questions then, rather than standing there, open mouthed and shocked and sad like we were last night.

By the way, the veterinary nurse is getting a big box of chocolates on Sunday because if he'd had his sedative for his teeth cleaning, we may well have lost him there and then.

We need to help him regulate his water intake and monitor his waste.

My questions for the vet include how long his walks should be in the hot weather to help regulate his water, what the major signs of worsening are for us to watch out for, is there availability for renal dialysis over here or transplants, any other dos and donts diet wise. Any thoughts on what I need to ask?

Thanks sad

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