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Itchy dog

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thoughtsbecomethings Thu 12-Jun-14 20:08:54

My poor little JR is itching all the time and has a very red belly. He is chewing his feet too.
In the past he has been to the vets and has had piriton and steroids
Does any have any ideas it could try to relieve him of his constant scratching hmm

SpicyPear Thu 12-Jun-14 20:25:45

It's not always the answer but some people see improvement with a change in diet. Have you looked at what he is eating?

daisychicken Thu 12-Jun-14 20:36:51

Is it all the time or just this time of year?

My dog starts itching in about mid May through to July/August time and in his case, it's a hayfever type of allergic reaction. He's on piriton and a special prescription prescribed shampoo wash every 2-3 days.

Have you seen the vet recently? I know you say he's had treatment but I'm unsure as to when. And also as SpicyPear says.. were there any dietary changes around the time the itching started? Have you tried changing diet in case that's a cause?

thoughtsbecomethings Thu 12-Jun-14 20:50:39

He is always like this at this time of year. The vet thinks it's a grass allergy amongst other things.
I have tried so many things and have changed his diet to raw meat and some hypo allergen dry biscuit. I am at my wits end and feel awful as he must be so miserable.
I have had a antibacterial wash in the past for him and it made him worse, what is the one u use please.

daisychicken Wed 09-Jul-14 13:45:12

Sorry for the delay, the shampoo is Malaseb - I tried to find it cheaper but can only buy if you have a prescription and it was around £20 but the nurse gave me a tip to use a bath scrunchie and just a drop in a jug of water (so wet fur then rub the shampoo water with the scrunchie all over then rinse) which has made the bottle last us 3 years. I start the shampoo as soon as I see first signs of itching and do his legs every day and his entire body every 2-3 days. He also has piriton - 1 tab twice a day - some vets won't suggest piriton and some will but it's worth asking if it would be suitable for your dog.

It sounds as if your dog is similar to mine. The allergy starts in May and lasts till about July and flares up after he's been on grass - if we walk him off grass, he itches but doesn't scratch/bite his legs and feet raw. We tried various other meds including steroids but this shampoo along with piriton seems to help ease the itching and get us through the worst weeks. The vet I saw told me that as dogs get older, they are more likely to get allergies like this so it does seem to be just one of those things.

Do you walk him in fields with long grass? That seems to irritate my boy more than short grass but even on pavements, he gets some irritation as I guess it's pollen in the air causing some of the problems and then contact with pollen/grass seeds on skin as he walks causing the worst of it.

Hope you can help your dogs itchiness stop!

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