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How to make booster time easier?

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Playthegameout Thu 05-Jun-14 10:01:30

Hi all, doggygame is a 2 yo lab bitch. Gorgeous temperament and a delight all round. Usually fine at the vets, had injections in the past no bother.

But, Dh took her to her last booster appointment and she was not a happy bunny. Cried the whole time and ran round the treatment room in a desperate attempt to avoid the needle! After half an hour two nurses and the vet held her down but she still fought so hard the needle bent.

Then, when they came home, doggy totally blanked Dh for 3 days, and sat on my knee cowering. We would really like this years appointment to be less traumatic all round. Does anyone have any tips to keep her calm, she's usually a very stoic girl.

Lilcamper Thu 05-Jun-14 10:08:29

Take her to the vet when she doesn't need treatment and do tricks and training in the waiting room for food rewards/play with fave toy to build up a positive association with the vet. It might be worth while finding an APDT trainer to help you to do this.

Lonecatwithkitten Thu 05-Jun-14 11:21:37

As Lilcamper said regular trips to the vet hop on scales, get a biscuit, get staff to make a tremendous fuss of her and then leave.
On the day the vet will probably get help from the start so she doesn't get a chance to work herself into a freenzy. It is worth trying her on the tablet rather than the floor as many patients are better on the one than the other. I have one particular rescue patient who will eat me alive on the floor, but i can do anything to her on the table without any muzzle.

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