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Bored lurcher, heaven help me

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GobblersKnob Wed 04-Jun-14 20:56:37

New rescue lurcher of about 18 months old, after injuring her leg she is on prescribed rest and Metcam, she is a nightmare, how am I going to do this for four more days?

She has filled Kongs, stagbars and bulls puzzle, we have done endless clicker training and have learnt a passable watch me and quite a good leave it in the space of a day, she is learning the names of her toys.

She has blatantly had enough of all of these things what she wants to do now is go to the park and run like a loon, or failing that at least do laps of the furniture in the living room and manic play fighting with our other dog.

She is currently on the lead and crying just loud enough to be annoying grin

What I wouldn't give to be able to explain to her it is for her own good, she is giving me the most terrible mournful evils.

SpicyPear Wed 04-Jun-14 21:04:52

Err. Rather you than me!

How about some gentle targeting? My sort of lurcher finds that quite challenging for the tiny bit of his brain not dedicated to chasing birds.

GobblersKnob Wed 04-Jun-14 21:16:52

That's an idea, might try that tomorrow, she's very bright and really likes learning which is great, but she is just so frustrated, until this she was having at least two hours out a day, she is totally baffled as to what is going on.

SunnyL Wed 04-Jun-14 21:21:05

For our lurchers all you need is a sun patch on the carpet and the bugger will be glued to it for hours grin

EvenBetter Thu 05-Jun-14 01:08:57

Ah, why not leave contraband like cardboard and magazines for her to steal and ravage as a treat?!
Lurcher comes from a Romany word meaning thief. So let her thieve!

moosemama Thu 05-Jun-14 09:33:38

I feel your pain. I've had this twice with Pip due to separate leg injuries and it's no fun trying to keep a young energetic Lurcher quiet without a good old zoomie first.

I did very similar to you, lots of short clicker training, kongs, chews. I also collected up all the cardboard boxes I could find, sealed treats into the smallest one then put one inside another inside another and sealed those (masking tape works best) then let him work out ho to get to the treats. Toothpaste tube boxes, cereal boxes and nice strong Amazon delivery boxes work well.

You can also seal up the ends of the inner tubes from foil or cellophane.

Hide treats around the room and teach her to 'seek/find' then you can use that skill to keep her interested and focussed on you on walks.

'Tidy your toys' is a great one to teach her and one I wish I'd taught Pip sooner.

Also some enforced quiet time is important or she may just get hyperstimulated from all the training etc. Does she have a crate?

GobblersKnob Thu 05-Jun-14 10:29:24

Excellent thanks, will hunt down some boxes, and we will work on seeking, just have to be careful she doesn't start leaping all over the furniture.

Had to resort to a car drive this morning, went out for an hour stopping every once in a while for a quick few minutes on the lead with unfamiliar smells. Seems to have worn her out.

I have a few crates in the attic but EGLR said she was terrified of them, either a bad experience with actual crating in the past, or as a result of spending three week in kennels a couple of months ago, which apparently she hated and didn't eat the whole time sad so crates are out. Fortunately she is an angel when left as long as there is nothing to chew but dog stuff ;)

She has had to spend some time on her lead when she just won't leave my other dog alone. I really feel for her, poor poppet.

moosemama Thu 05-Jun-14 10:42:19

Ah, so crating doesn't sound like an option. Was just thinking if she was happy in a crate it might be a good way to get her to relax and take the odd nap.

Car drives and short walks with different smells and sights are a great idea - wish I could have done that with Pip, but I don't drive. hmm

SpicyPear Thu 05-Jun-14 10:58:34

Oh yes drives - fab idea!

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