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Any vets about? I'm bit worried about my younger dog today

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moosemama Wed 04-Jun-14 19:22:11

I'm a bit worried about Pip (1 year old Lurcher) this evening. He's usually pretty highly strung and the sort of dogs that likes to be involved in whatever you're doing. He also plays with his toys on his own quite a lot and is always there like a shot to play if one of us picks up his toys, but he hasn't been himself all day. In fact he's been extremely sleepy all week, but I put it down to extra walks over the weekend and the humid weather to begin with.

This morning though he didn't give us our usual 6.00 am wake up call and didn't even start squeaking when dh's alarm went off - resulting in dh hitting snooze and us all oversleeping. hmm Then when we got up he was slow to come and say hi and felt a bit hot, particularly around his ears, although I wasn't sure if that was just because he'd been snuggled in his bed.

He's been really lethargic all day, just sleeping and not really showing much interest in anything, although has eaten his two meals (so far - he has three a day) and kongs, plus a chew while I did the school runs.

His ears still feel hot and his nose is now a bit dry, but wasn't earlier and most telling is that he didn't bother to get up and run to the door when dh came home from work - he just lay where he was in the middle of the floor while our older lad did his usual excited dance. Plus, dd has just been sitting in the living room squeaking one of his new toys repeatedly and there was no response from him, he didn't even lift his head to look at her.

So, he seems to be eating and drinking normally, is weeing and pooing normally too, but seems unusually exhausted and not as interested in his usual activities. Frustratingly few actual symptoms, but just a feeling he's not quite right.

I suppose it could just be a mild virus. It's just over a week since he was in kennels, so it's feasible he could have picked something up there and has now reached the end of the incubation period, I suppose.

I'm planning to monitor him and book a vet appointment for tomorrow evening if he's no better, does that sound like the right course of action?

Aked Wed 04-Jun-14 21:59:56

Hi Moose, Not an vet but a VNsmile I think your plan sounds fine, you clearly have an awful lot of common sense so obviously you know if he deteriorates in any way at all then to get him seen sooner. It sounds (although always easy to be wrong on a forum) as though he MAY have a bit of a temperature. This often makes them lethargic, off colour and generally just a bit 'down'. Have a sneaky peek at his gums too, and just check they are nice and pink. Also blanche them, and if the colour returns pretty quickly (less than 2 seconds) then great. If they look particularly pale or the colour takes a while to return, then I would have him looked at sooner.

If you called me at work and said all you said in your post to me then I would probably suggest seeing him if your were concerned, or giving him overnight to see if he picks up before having him looked at, particularly as he isn't off his food/losing fluids via vomiting or diarrhoea etc.


EasyToEatTiger Wed 04-Jun-14 22:04:27

One of our dogs was ill a bit like this. I took him to the vet to learn that he had a virus. I hope your dog feels better. I would do the same and go to the vet if no improvement.

GobblersKnob Wed 04-Jun-14 22:07:56

My whippet was like this when he had kennel cough, but before the actual cough and wheeze started. In your case I would be doing exactly the same, watch and wait. Hope he is feeling back to his normal self soon.

moosemama Thu 05-Jun-14 09:25:33

Thanks Aked and everyone else who posted last night.

I did check his gum refresh rate and it was fine, nice and pink with a quick refresh also nice and moist, so not dehydrated or anything. I have a canine first aid qualification, but am never as confident with illness as I am with injury, especially when the symptoms are so vague.

The good news is that he's fine this morning. He's already had every single toy out of his toy boy, shredded two cardboard tubes all over the living room floor and almost made dd late for school by generally being on form and too entertaining. He's now taken up sentry by the front window to watch all the morning dog walkers on their way to the park.


GobblersKnob Thu 05-Jun-14 10:39:19

Glad he is all better, they are such a worry sometimes.

Aked Thu 05-Jun-14 13:26:36

Ahh good to hear Moose. I think sometimes they can have an off day just like us.

At least he is able to go into work today, who else would be watching the dog walkers otherwise?

moosemama Thu 05-Jun-14 14:12:01

Quite, highly important work surveying all the local dogs daring to use the pavement outside his our house! grin

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