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Dog guarding treat but never eating it

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Hubblez Wed 04-Jun-14 15:09:11

Hey all,

I recently got my dogs some nice boney treats, including pigs feet, pork rolls and tripe biscuits etc. so I guess these are seen as 'luxury' treats to my dogs. One dog couldn't care less, will carry a treat around and give it a chew then forget about it. My other dog goes mental growling at anyone besides me who goes near him when he has it - so mainly the other dog and my two cats, who aren't even going to him just walking past or basically anywhere that he can see them, they all know to stay away if he growls and he's never bitten.

That I can deal with, but if I put him in another room or behind a baby gate away from other animals, then he still sits with his treat and growls every now and again (when other animals aren't even in his vision). Why won't he just EAT the bloody thing? He will carry it in his mouth when I'm trying to relocate him to an 'alone' place but still he won't chew it at all. He used to do the growling thing before but when relocated he would eat it, this time with these treats he hasn't eaten a single one. If he hasn't chewed it after a few hours of him guarding it then I just take it away again because I can't leave him forever growling at nothing and blocking anyone from using the room.

I don't punish the growling because it's a warning he could possibly bite, wouldn't want to accidentally train him into biting straight away without any warning in the future. How can I make him comfortable enough to eat the treat without growling? And why is he just guarding it without eating?

Hubblez Wed 04-Jun-14 15:11:29

Oh also 'lower value' treats he doesn't guard like this and with all treats he will let me or other people go near him or take it from him, just growls at the animals

noddingoff Wed 04-Jun-14 15:57:35

I know it's not a direct answer to your question, but I would just not give him the "luxury" treats. Sitting guarding the treat from imaginary threats for hours is probably no fun for him. Dogs don't really have the concept of "fair" so don't worry about giving the other dog the treats but not this one (as long as it's not right under his nose).
Quite a lot of dogs get like this with bones.

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