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Are medium-sized cross breeds still at risk of syringomyelia?

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giddly Wed 04-Jun-14 12:55:39

For various reasons to do with a friends dog I've recently been reading a bit about syringomyelia, and am a bit concerned that our dog seems to have some of the early mild symptoms. She stops and scratches her shoulder a lot when walking, chews her feet sometimes (although this seems to have lessened), rubs her head on the ground and occasionally "air hops" when walking on a lead. She doesn't have fleas etc. and I've just assumed this is related to the fact she's quite an anxious dog. Is she at risk of this - she's a 1 year old medium sized possible spaniel cross rescue dog (unlikely to have CKCS heritage due to size). She doesn't seem to be in any pain and is always very sweet natured. Should I take her to a vet or am I just being neurotic?

noddingoff Thu 05-Jun-14 23:31:43

Bigger dogs can get syringomyelia but it's uncommon - I can only think of one big dog (in fact only one non-CKCS) in our practice that has it. Perhaps best to keep your phone at the ready and get some video clips of her doing her "thing" to show the vet. I think anxiety +/- allergies are a bit more likely from your description. The only way of 100% ruling out syringomyelia would be an MRI scan, but it's worth showing some video clips to your vet in any case and maybe getting them to check her skin and ears.

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