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Im so ducking excited its actually happening puppy arrives next sunday so please shower me with your knowledge

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catstolemypants Tue 03-Jun-14 14:04:41

after much planning, waiting, researching, waiting, planning we thrown caution to the wind and our little bundle of joy will be with us next sunday. It wasnt planned but more fallen into and everything, breeder, parents, home setting and of course him all just felt right. He, Angus is a terrier mix and will be twelve weeks, vac'd, vet checked, chipped and insured he is used to people, kids, the house, cats, chickens, dogs and a multitude of other animals but no real training has begun. I have read, read, read everything i can but am looking for tips and advice that perhaps books and the internet don,t divulge. TIA

catstolemypants Tue 03-Jun-14 20:32:14

bump smile

ggirl Tue 03-Jun-14 23:15:15 exciting.
We collected out new puppy last Wednesday so very early days yet.

Pippin is 14 weeks old , we use a crate for her as she was already used to it from her first home. It has been a godsend.
What I had forgotten to get was chewy things , suitable chews and toys.
I bought a seat belt and harness for the car which has been good.

One person gave me some good advice , not to allow her the run of the house...bit difficult as we have open plan downstairs. I did get a pet play pen from ebay but she used that as a toilet so we've shoved it in the garden. Need to get a stair gate now.

And the spray to deter toilet marking has been well used.

Sorry not much help but I'm sure someone more knowledgeable will be along

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