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Kennels close to Effingham, Surrey

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LadyPenelope Mon 12-May-14 19:04:20

We will be moving to the area in July and I need to get organised and find kennels for our dog for 2 weekends end July and mid Aug. 2 events where our 2 year old dog cannot come. She's never been in kennels before and we don't have any friends or connections in the area so we are feeling a bit stuck. Appreciate any help. Will also post this in mumsnet local. Thanks

holidaysrcoming Fri 23-May-14 20:38:35

Did you find anywhere LadyP? We've used Oak Ride farm in Send/Ripley - perfectly fine as kennels go........but to be honest I haven't seen many to compare to.

JessyJames Fri 23-May-14 20:44:13

Haytor kennels in Dorking is very nice. We use them for our dogs and she's very happy to go there.

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