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readmylips1 Sun 11-May-14 11:06:47


I have decided to try a headcollar again, but the halti one is no good as it bothers our ESS by riding up into his eyes.

I was wondering if anyone uses or has tried the Dogmatic one as all reviews look positive

quineandloons Sun 11-May-14 13:26:18

I know they're not meant to substitute proper no-pull training but we had a figure of 8 one (not sure of the name, sorry) for our steam train of a family dog and it worked amazingly. After a couple of months he didn't need it anymore. I did see a woman yanking her dog's head by one, I was pretty horrified as I thought everyone knew you must never pull it sad

Floralnomad Sun 11-May-14 15:30:07

I would try a canny collar instead of a headcollar they have the same effect but seem to be tolerated better by the dog.

hairypaws Sun 11-May-14 16:40:10

I bought a gencon for my cocker as I didn't like the halti. It's brilliant. She got use to it quickly and walks really well on it - it's a figure of 8 so might be what the other poster is talking about.

quineandloons Sun 11-May-14 17:01:13

Gencon- just googled it and that's the one we had! It really did help.

Lilcamper Sun 11-May-14 17:07:12

Instead of a head collar I'd go for a harness like this.

ClaimedByMe Sun 11-May-14 18:53:49

I use a gencon, as does my mum, our dog trainer recommended it.

everlong Sun 11-May-14 22:01:44

I've got a dogmatic for my spinone. I love it. It doesn't ride up, feels substantial and gives me control.

Tried the canny collar and didn't like it.

littlewhitebag Mon 12-May-14 20:33:17

My Lab hated the Halti but tolerates the Canny Collar and walks well on it.

readmylips1 Tue 13-May-14 21:48:31

Ordered a Gencon. Looks fab. Thank you for the tips

readmylips1 Fri 16-May-14 23:32:57

Gencon arrived smile What an amazing contraption. It is like walking a different dog. I only had to hold lead with one finger whereas normally I am getting my arm pulled out of its socket by our freight train spaniel. Hope it wasn't a fluke today.

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