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Nervous new puppy owner

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BecauseIsaidS0 Thu 08-May-14 19:28:15

We brought home a pug puppy last night. He is absolutely adorable, but today, my first day at home with him, hasn't really gone according to plan at all!

He had refused a meal last night and this morning, so when he finally ate at lunchtime he caught me unaware when he poo-ed, and he did it in his crate, on his sleeping blanket, even though the crate was fully open.

He has weed twice on the pad I put by the garden door when it was pouring rain (good) and once in the middle of the room (not so good). I praised him for the former and ignored and just cleaned up for the latter. He has now had another meal about half an hour ago and I've taken him to the garden three times already but nothing, no wee and no poo.

I have a feeling that he doesn't like the garden (it's cold and miserable out there today) so he just holds it in...

Is it always going to be this difficult? sad

SharpLily Thu 08-May-14 19:41:40

smile You're expecting far too much, too soon. Be patient, it will come. Keep taking him out regularly, even if he doesn't seem to want to go - at the very least 10 times per day. When he goes to the toilet outside, praise him really enthusiastically every time, get really excited about it. When he goes inside, ignore it, put him outside immediately so he can try to go there and just clean it up quietly. You'll probably have a good few weeks, if not months, of this but that's the way it goes.

Our puppy is five months old and goes to the toilet on command - I take him outside to the spot where I want him to go, say 'toilet' and he goes. It's easy enough, just choose your word - wee, toilet, whatever you like - and use it enthusiastically every time he goes and he'll associate the word with the deed. Otherwise he lets us know when he wants to go outside. It took about a month to get here and yes, there were accidents and setbacks along the way but you need to be consistent and patient.

BecauseIsaidS0 Fri 09-May-14 09:05:17

Thank you so much for all the advice, Lily. We are having a much better day today grin

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