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A tribute to our wonderful springer spaniel

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DramaAlpaca Wed 07-May-14 22:17:48

The whole family is devastated. Yesterday evening we had to have our lovely springer spaniel put to sleep. She was 14.

She came to us as a rescue dog aged around two years. DH has had springers all his life, but she was my first dog and we bonded instantly. She was such fun to have around. She loved long walks, swimming in the lake & endless games of fetch. She had a wonderful temperament & was brilliant with the DC. She had a mind of her own & although she could be wilful, disobedient and very bossy to our other two springers, we adored her.

In recent months her health had begun to fail - she was almost totally deaf, was losing her sight, and had a nasty lump on her side which kept getting infected. The vet wasn't able to remove it because her heart was too weak to survive an operation. We let her carry on while she was happy, but last week it became apparent her quality of life had gone. She wasn’t in pain, but was clearly uncomfortable. We made the decision as a family that the time had come.

She is buried in the garden under an apple tree. I scattered apple blossom in the grave as we buried her.

I will miss her terribly. RIP Daisy xxx

RhinosAreFatUnicorns Wed 07-May-14 22:19:30

So sorry for your loss. Run free at Rainbrow Bridge Daisy flowers

hairypaws Wed 07-May-14 22:25:54

So sorry to hear your sad news. Take peace from the fact that you did the most loving thing for her at the end by not leaving her in pain. It's the hardest decision to make but also the kindest.

DramaAlpaca Wed 07-May-14 22:46:48

Thank you both for your kind replies.

MissRainbowBrite Thu 08-May-14 07:19:31

Springers are fantastic, they each have such a unique character. We lost our springer boy last autumn and have just had a new ESS pup as we couldn't be without one.
RIP Daisy, you did the right thing and the saying " better a day too early than a day too late" is very true. They are still sorely missed though.

coalscuttle Thu 08-May-14 07:25:23

Ah run free Daisy. I've got springer s and a sprocker, and yes, aren't they lovely dogs? You gave her a lovely life and a good ending, which is what matters.

Gileswithachainsaw Thu 08-May-14 07:28:27

Sweet dreams daisy. sad

Sorry for the loss of your wonderful dog. She won't forget you and one day you will be together again.


Snugglepiggy Thu 08-May-14 14:27:04

So sorry but what a lovely life Daisy had with you.We lost our old boy at almost 14 years last year.He was a rescue mongrel and we decided rather than try and replicate his type - we couldn't - to become Springer owners.After much consideration of different breeds - DH had previously been set on a Labrador as we have had two lovely lab boys in the past but we decided Springers ticked all the boxes.We now are at the other end of the spectrum with a brother and sister pups and already we're completely won over by them and their wonderful personalities.It's the hardest decision to make ,but the right one when their time comes.RIP Daisy.

Owllady Thu 08-May-14 14:48:15

I'm sorry about daisy, she sounded such a fun lady. You must be heartbroken sad but she was lucky to have found you x x

Tootyfilou Thu 08-May-14 18:45:37

Very sorry for your loss, she sounds a wonderful dog.
Such a hard decision to make, we had to do it for our wonderful boy 11 weeks ago.
You are in my thoughtsthanks

noddingoff Thu 08-May-14 20:56:28

I love the photo of her. RIP Daisy - I'm glad she had you as her owners so she could do the things spaniels love.

Linskibinski Thu 08-May-14 21:06:40

So sorry, but what a wonderful life daisy has had thanks to you and your family. You made the hardest decision but clearly the best decision. So sad. thanks

DramaAlpaca Thu 08-May-14 22:50:03

Thank you all flowers

It has really helped me to write about her, and all your posts are much appreciated. We've had a tearful couple of days & the other two springers have been a bit confused about the disappearance of the top dog, but we know we did the right thing at the right time. At least she had a good life.

Thanks again, and flowers to those of you who've also lost special dogs x

mineofuselessinformation Thu 08-May-14 23:06:55

14 is actually a very good age for a springer! And knowing the breed as I do (my dad has had them for years, and I had two of his retired gundogs), Daisy was a very good name.
I reckon she'll be running along, nose to the ground, tail wagging, having a good sniff around doggy heaven right now. smile

Ilovemydogandmydoglovesme Thu 08-May-14 23:47:32

Oh dear Drama, so sorry for you. But yes as everyone else has said she was obviously a much loved happy dog who was fortunate enough to have you as her family and you will always have the memories. And a gazillion photos and videos if you're anything like me.

Rest in peace Daisy and have fun up there. smile

everlong Fri 09-May-14 07:23:13

Rip Daisy. So sorry.

EvenBetter Mon 26-May-14 12:01:48

I'm sorry for your loss sad
What a beauty! I bet hours were lost over the years to those ears
I remember you describing how fabulous your dogs were to me when I was in the depths of grief from losing our springer cross, it was so lovely to hear about them. Our girl too had a heart murmur, weakened back end and many lumps and bumps. She let us know it was time, beyond any doubt, but it was still fuckin awful (for us, she was gone in seconds). We suffer so they don't have to.
Write down memories of her lovely life as you remember them, I bet she got up to all sorts. I did this, and although I bawled my eyes out I also snorted and choked with laughter and found out some surprising things about her (she'd met a lone elephant once! In Northern Ireland!)

A lot of us know exactly how you feel, and our hearts go out to you. Soon you'll feel a bit better, but your family will still be missing a member, and you learn how to live with that.

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