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Please help - constantly whimpering cocker spaniel

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RigglinJigglin Fri 02-May-14 21:56:48

Our lovely cocker spaniel has started whimpering - constantly.

She's 7 years old happy, healthy, walked twice a day - one long (an hour ish) and one short (15-20mins). She does have dry eye which is treated with optimuune and managed well.

We have a 1y/o DD so the past year has seen a big change to her normal place in the family. The whimpering has started since the high chair has been in situ so Im not sure if its greedy-cocker-itis mainly at play, she isn't allowed scraps or people food (she has kibble).

It's started to drive us all insane, it's getting everyone down and I have no idea on how to stop her from doing it.

Anyone any suggestions?

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