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Greyhounds - is this correct?

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Jinglebellsarecoming Thu 01-May-14 15:53:13

Hi, I've always wanted to have a dog but have never looked into it as I work four days a week and assumed dogs need company and walk during the day.

However a bloke at work says retired greyhounds can be left in their own during the day and only need 2 walks a day.

Does anyone have any knowledge / experience of greyhounds (or any dogs who would fit the bill). Seems too good to be true!

DoctorTwo Thu 01-May-14 17:26:28

My mum had retired racing greyhounds, they make brilliant pets. They'd get walked early morning and again in the afternoon. They were often left home alone. A friend has a lurcher who gets walked 3 times a day, for about 20 minutes each time.

Jinglebellsarecoming Thu 01-May-14 17:40:50

Getting excited now as thought it may be a dream for retirement / lotto win! Will start to investigate. Also have reliable friend who might dog share for two days a week which would be great.

Nobloomingideapgornot Thu 01-May-14 18:42:02


We had an amazing retired greyhound, we used to leave him happily all day whilst at work with a quick pop in for a wee by a neighbour at lunch sometimes.
Really laid back, couch potato.. His breath could knock you out from 20 ft though!! They do have issues with teeth.
We never let him off as he had no recall but had a friend with an enclosed school so he used to wizz round there instead.
Highly recommend but bear in mind most have never lived in a home environment so need to be taught house you can't eat of humans dinner plate or pinch a loaf of bread on the side or drink hot tea!!

Good luck

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