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JRT refusing to eat after virus - now bringing up bile... please help!

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BreadAndJamForFrances Thu 01-May-14 13:59:25

Background - I'll try to be brief!
He is about 12 years old, rescue dog, so can't be sure.
He has been off his food a little for the last few months, but could be tempted with some chicken, etc. Although, he can be stubborn like all JRTs and not eat for two days if he didn't feel like it! Sometimes has bloody poo, but seems to be more like a little tear/pile bleeding on the way out (TMI, sorry!) always fresh blood, always been like this from time to time, Vet told us not to worry.

Podge was fine on 24th, went for the usual walk with DH and our other JRT.
Later that afternoon he was very, very tired, wanted to lat in the sunshine on his cushion, so we let him... they are always tired after their walk and come home and sleep. BUT he was far more tired than normal. He would not eat or drink, walk about, etc. showing no interest in anyone/anything.

The next morning, 25th, he was a bit floppy, had to be lifted out for a pee, and wanted to come straight back in. Slept all day, even when DH was taking other dog out...normally he'd be at the back door barking.
26th, more of the same, not eating, not really drinking, we were having to wet his nose and encourage him, but he would not go to the bowl by himself. He seemed weak on hi back end, wobbly on his legs.
27th - A little diarrhoea. Podge was still not eating, so Mum tried tempting him with his favourite treat, Bacon Sizzlers, usually kept for a top reward, even that took a lot of tempting, but he did eat one. Later that evening, we managed to tempt him with a little bit of roast lamb. Very weak and wobbly on back legs.

28th - he was sick in the morning, had bloody diarrhoea, and was lethargic. Very weak on back end, limping, would not weight bear on one back leg. We took him to the Vet, she gave us a syringe, diarrhoea powders and a course of antibiotic tablets. Plus she gave him an anitibiotic injection. His temp was the higher side of normal, slight heart murmur, but apart from dehydration no obvious illness...put down to something he'd eaten/drunk. Got diarrhoea stuff down him, plus antibiotic.
28th - Podge did not want to eat or drink, but we managed to get the whole sachet of diarrhoea stuff down him using the syringe. Still lethargic, still limping.
29th Back to Vet - no longer dehydrated, but still won't eat, so she gave us three tins of high protein dog food that can be syringed and gave him a B12 injection to try and spark his appetite. Also advised chicken and rice, fish, pasta, cottage cheese, probiotic yoghurt, etc. We bought all these and have been trying to tempt him to eat, but he just won't.
Since then, we've been syringing food into him, the three tins of special food, pureed pate dog food (vet said that was okay) and anything high protein we can think of...pate, chicken, etc. (can't do fish in this way as it is a two man job! and I am very allergic to fish....mum has to hold him while I do the syringe and it is quite messy!) The food has nearly all stayed down, he looks thin, but much more himself...he is walking better, almost back to normal but obviously not up to a proper walk, just round the garden. He is still tired, but much perkier...he has even barked at the doorbell a few times...his main hobby!

In the last three days though he has been sick four times, it is bile, yellow and a bit frothy. He still won't touch food, even if I put it in his mouth. Drinking well now, peeing normally, poo sometimes a bit bloody but firm, no more diarrhoea.

He has definitely has turned a corner, doesn't seem ill any more, just tired and cheesed off! We are taking him back to the vet, but wanted to know if there was anything that might help in the meantime......

I think he maybe has acid reflux? He has always suffered indigestion if he bolts his food, or if he has something different to his usual Butchers Tripe Mix.
Is there a Gaviscon type dog medicine we could ask the vet for? I feel he needs something to 'line his stomach' and then maybe he could be tempted to eat a little bit of chicken.
I can't think of any other reason that he would have been refusing food for so long........starving him into submission is not an option because he has lost so much weight already.
Any ideas or advice would be welcomed smile thanks

(I know Butchers Tripe is not recommended here but, when we got Podge four years ago, he was desperately thin after being in kennels for a long time and it was recommended to build him up....he also gets chicken, mince and vegetables, fish occasionally, some dog food pate, and a mixer biscuit...he won't eat dry or raw food, probably because his teeth are not brilliant.)

Owllady Thu 01-May-14 14:11:17

Butchers tripe is fine
You can ask the vet for an anti acid if you feel he needs it as he does seem to have got himself into a bit of a pattern of not wanting to eat
I am sorry he has been unwell (and I am sorry I can't help.more blush)

Lanabelle Thu 01-May-14 14:33:14

could also try chappie, its a bit more appetising quite light so will not overload his stomach if he has been off his food for a while

BreadAndJamForFrances Thu 01-May-14 18:22:39

Thanks for the replies smile
Poor Podge......he has been sick twice since I wrote the post earlier, he has now brought up all the pureed food we got into him this morning.
He has an appointment at the vets tomorrow afternoon - I am not sure whether to give him some more food with the syringe. He is still drinking water. I don't want to make his tummy feel worse and he is bringing up the water when he is sick, so a vicious circle.

I'll get him some Chappie in, not used that before because it contains fish oils. And ask the vet for antacids...he had really turned a corner, last week we thought we were going to lose him, but he seemed so much better Monday, now he is going downhill again.

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