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Jumping up at people

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Sorcha1966 Thu 01-May-14 07:41:36

Lola, our 4 month old border collie has been a delight. She is easy to train and generally 'gets' things quickly. However, when we went to puppy training,one of the first things they taught us was an exercise to discourage 'jumping up' . We did this, and the behavior reduced for a while. Unfortunately we slacked off a bit , doing other things and now she jumps up and everyone all the time, standing sitting, at home, in e park. She has 'got wise' to the exercise and doesn't do it when we 'practice'....

any ideas?

Atbeckandcall Thu 01-May-14 07:59:09

Hello, I work in a vets and we give everyone two methods to use, this is them.
1. When you walk through the front door you have to completely ignore her. No eye contact, no talking and no touching. Pretend she doesn't exist. You have to ask the same of all of your visitors too. It's jolly difficult but it is effective. Once all 4 feet are on the floor a calm hello is fine. If she starts jumping again turn your back and ignore her until all her paws are on the floor.
1. Have training treats in your hand before you walk in and as soon as you do ask for sit and wait. Don't speak to her with hellos etc. just ask her to sit and wait until you've taken your coat off put your bag down or whatever it is you do. You can use this when out and about and meeting people too.
Hope that's helpful but whatever it is you do there has to be a commitment to sticking to it, when she's bigger people won't appreciate her doing that and you mind end getting a bit of grief from people.

Whoknowswhocares Thu 01-May-14 14:31:57

The key I think is that you say she doesn't do it when you'practise'

The thing is, the exercises we teach in class only work if you follow them through consistently all the time. There shouldn't be an occasion where you don't follow through the steps you have been taught.
At just 4 months old, she needs constant, consistent input in order to learn what is acceptable. Training needs to be an ongoing thing, not just a session here and there to practise

marshharrier Thu 01-May-14 19:17:46

You need to be consistent and show her you aren't getting frustrated with the fact she is ignoring you- if she picks up on that then she isn't going to do it, she doesn't want to upset you after all!

When you walk in completely ignore her. If she jumps up- turn your back on her. When she has all four paws on the floor- praise her. If she jumps up, then turn away again and when she is on the floor praise her and continue to do so until she understands and ask visitors to the home to so the same.

If she does it strangers in the park- it sounds like you need to keep her on a lead. An adult might be fine if she does it to them- but expect it to be a different story if she does it to their child, or if like my dog did back in the day, she decides to jump into a pram.

Consistency is key- and the whole family need to be involved. If strangers come round and they can't cope with her/won't help with the training then you need to keep her on a lead until she calms down.

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