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Dog not eating

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dogsitter Mon 28-Apr-14 12:48:03

I'm looking after dm's dog. Got him last night after he had his dinner and a walk with me and mum. He usually has a small supper at around 8pm but he didn't touch any. He didn't eat his breakfast either.

Apart from this he seems fine. Drinking water also. He has cataracts in both eyes and is quite blind. He's rarely at my house but is navigating well, sitting up next to me to cuddle all day, following me around everywhere and slept in his bed next to ours last night. He's had 2 other walks and been fine.

Breakfast is still sitting there though. He's eaten a tiny bit of ham out of the breakfast. Should I just give him ham until he eats properly? Or just bin the breakfast at dinner time and try again with his meat and crunchy things?

My mum and dad have only had him a few months and I don't know him that well. I'm good with animals but not sure what to do wrt this food issue?

Any help appreciated!

MitchellMummy Mon 28-Apr-14 14:21:41

I wouldn't panic too much if he's drinking and everything else is OK. If he doesn't start eating today I'd be tempted to give him something really tasty like fresh chicken to persuade him to eat. Sometimes dogs refuse to eat if they're used to their routines. How long is he with you for?

dogsitter Mon 28-Apr-14 18:58:28

Thanks for your reply. I put the ham at the bottom of his dinner and stood over him telling him he was a good boy. Think you're right, he's just getting used to us. We have him just over 3 weeks. He's so lovable! I can't even go to the bathroom as he won't leave my side grin

MitchellMummy Mon 28-Apr-14 18:59:33

Bless him! x

whatwoulddexterdo Mon 28-Apr-14 19:30:57

I got my dog when she was six months old, and she didn't eat anything for a couple of days.
As long as they are drinking and seem ok otherwise I wouldn't worry.

spinnergeologist Mon 28-Apr-14 19:33:16


it took our rescue dog weeks to settle and eat properly and if we go somewhere new he will refuse food. Its just anxiety. I would just do what mitchell says and offer him nice things attention and love until he settles.

dogsitter Mon 28-Apr-14 22:27:45

He has eaten dinner and supper now. I think he seems happy and settled now. He is just lovely!

MitchellMummy Tue 29-Apr-14 06:31:45

That's great news. You won't want to give him back!

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